Regina Daniel's mother, Rita talks about sex roles in movies

Regina Daniel

Rita Daniel, mother of teenage actress, Regina Daniels in a recent interview addressed the issue of sex roles in Nollywood.

In her words, she said;
“When you talk about sex for role, it has to do with an individual. There’s nowhere that it does not exist. In the entertainment industry, people do a lot of funny things to get what they want.
I believe it is an individual thing. If you feel sex is what will take you up there, fine, go ahead.
But know that whatever takes you up there that is not God’s will, will certainly crash. Definitely, when you are up there with God’s help, nobody will pull you down.
Anything you get from an illicit affair does not end well.
How did it get this bad in the movie industry and who is to be blamed “Nobody is to be blamed. If producers ‘toast’ you, maybe it’s okay but sometimes the girls are the ones ‘toasting’ the producers.
So, who is to be blamed then? A man has the right to say ‘bring your body’; a woman has the right to say ‘no’. It is a two-way thing. If it is rape, it is a different thing.”


  1. I pity ur life, wen ur mom has exposed u at an early age, wetin remain again

  2. She's not in any way encouraging ladies to have sex for a role, she's simply saying its an individual thing-do whatever pleases you.
    Kfb made it look like she was actually encouraging ladies to have sex for roles.

  3. Let me not believe that she actually said that

  4. She is being misunderstood


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