Sad story of how a Young Nigerian man died over lack of oxygen in 5 different hospitals

A Twitter user has shared the sad story of his friend who died after being taken to 5 hospitals and they all didn't have oxygen.Ayo Atitebi wrote
 So 5 hospitals didn't have oxygen and we lost you, Chris! 5 goddamned hospitals! Loving this country is HARD!!! Nigeria sucks...He fought hard for his life. He fought hard to stay back. He didn't wanna go. He wanted to stay. He 😢wanted😢 to!
Shitty system failed him.


  1. You see why its so difficult to wake up in the morning and say "God bless Nigeria". Its a shame.
    May God rest his soul.

  2. I have lost count of so many innocent lives that has being lost due to the shitty nature of this country. If its not police accidental discharge, it'll be soldiers brutalizing civilians, not to talk of deaths that are avoidable if only our hospitals are well equipped.

  3. Very disheartening but God knows best. May his soul rest in peace

  4. oh no this is not good

  5. RIP

    Sparkling Golden Teeth

  6. I saw this story earlier, it's just so sad.


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