Only God could have done this! She traveled to India to see her 'regular ' doctors

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I will lift up the name of the Lord God Almighty for the Lord is good. 
Anywhere I go,  I will tell of His works and wonders.
HE alone is Sovereign. HE can move mountains  and can level valleys. 
I want to testify to the goodness of God as I stand on behalf of my Aunt. 
Anytime I think of what she went through in the hand of cancer,  traveling out for medical solutions  and the way God moved on her behalf,  I shudder. 
This  God nah OGA.  The twisted English version for 'This God is mighty. 
 She was placed on Chemotherapy  for the ailment had got to the advanced stage--cancer of the left breast. 
She had a respite one  time and we were all happy 
Couple of years o so after,  the problem can back again,  more veracious that she herself thought she could not survive the year. That was three years ago.  
  She went to RCCG Camp in an attempt to settle all things with her Maker,  in case she had o go that year. 
 But God,  the battle Stopper and the  Stiller of storms  had been there before her. 
That month Holy Ghost Service  was the one that Daddy G. O gave the prophecy that  serious  ailments were being removed  by God. 
What a coincidence!  Or what manner of grace it was for her! 
The sick were told to go and confirm their deliverance 
She was not ready to play with chances. She traveled to India to see her 'regular '  doctors. 
A test was performed on her and with the result,  the doctors said they saw something. 
What was that something? 
Only God could explain it.  
She was put through another test and more confusion! 
The medical personnel were confounded 
They were amazed 
What could have happened? 
The power of God through His Son Jesus  Christ made  my Aunt whole. 
A complete wholeness 
The mercy of God heals  with total restoration. 
Praise the Lord


  1. Our God is a God of wonders, His mercies endure forever. There's none like Him, He does what no one can do.

  2. The Lord name be praised

  3. God of miracle,na my Baba oh

  4. God of miracles ,na my Papa oh


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