Only God could have done this! EVIL FAMILY PATTERN BROKEN

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Jesus can break every yoke.
My sister had delay in child bearing for 13 years. We were full of expectation for her.
Then my brother got married and for  4 years, his wife too was waiting for the fruit of the womb.
My own turn came, I got married and it looked as if  I was also going to wait.
My eyes were open. I sensed it in my spirit that it was not ordinary.
I begged God  , pleading on my siblings'  behalf and on mine too.
I asked the Lord Jesus to break the yoke of delay or of barrenness in our family and touch my entire family line.
I was desperate and very eager to see the hand of God move for our sake.
I searched the Scriptures to check the  lives of those who had delay and what they did to have children.
Giving to God was the answer to most of them.
So I attached the first fruit offering of my income to my petition.
And God was faithful.
I became pregnant, then this was followed by my brother's wife.
My sister too became pregnant.
To God be the glory , the yoke, be it delay or a curse or total barrenness was destroyed by the mercies of the Lord God.
We all have children of our own with my sister having double honor for the waiting of  13 years.
She had twins.
Our  joy we could not express for the work and power of God at work in our individual lives and in my father's house.
The Lord Who breaks through barriers decided it was enough for us to be held under the captivity of the enemy.
To Him alone be power and glory and honor.
The all-knowing God is our God


  1. Smiles*
    Indeed, it can only be God.
    Happy for them.

  2. Halleluyah!
    My God is awesome and doeth great wonders.
    All Praise be to his Holy name

  3. God you're Great.The God who reign and no one can stand against or contend with.The God that parted the red sea, the first and the last, mighty in battle,merciful God.I worship you

  4. Thank you Lord.Covenant keeping God.Awesome God

  5. I bless the Lord!


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