Nollywood actress and pastor Obot Etuk's take on sex before marriage is sparking an online controversy

Nollywood actress/pastor Obot Etuk has relationship advice for young ladies out there.
According to her, if a man insists on sex before marriage, then he’s not the right person for the woman.
She wrote;

“My young lady……..
If he is insisting on sex before marriage, he is not the man for you. You cannot use sex to prove love. Goats have sex. Infact, dogs have sex and everywhere too but they are not in love.
If sex means love, then the prostitute should fall in love with every man she has sex with.

Sex is meant for marriage young lady. Waiting is the real love. It is mark of maturity. That is the kind of man you should say yes to, not the one that wants you to compromise your virtue, pride, dignity, just to satisfy his lust.

And how many will you love cos I’m sure he’s not the only man you’ve had sex with.”
Interestingly, the post has sparked some interesting online conversations on blogs and social platforms. KFBers, what say you?


  1. Biblically,premarital sex is sin. God is against it & that can't b disputed

  2. Say no to premarital sex. The bible is our standard

  3. Yes biblically, Sex after marriage is ideal

  4. Our biggest error has been to limit the definition of sex to when a man's organ penetrates hers.
    2. It is sex when you feast on them either in your heart (Matt. 5:27) or physically.
    3. So that by Matt. 5:27 Jesus introduces the concept of 'no touch, no penetration sex'
    The other person doesn't have to even know. 4. God has graciously given us a conscience and the blessed Holy Spirit to 'say no' to unwholesome thoughts and contacts. Be honest, that conscience bites for many things other than just penetration.
    5. What you see addressed in scripture is "sexual immorality". That's a whole range of mind and conduct issue... 6. So, if kissing, fondling and all those turn you on fire and make you want them. The fact that you didn't end in penetration doesn't mean you are clear. You have crossed the line.
    7. The first thing wrong in getting charged and charging up yourselves is that your hunger for them begin to replace your hunger for God. It is literal Idolatry. Idol worship for clarity! They become idols you worship and crave. Col. 3:5.
    8. The next thing is that you sin against your own body. Your body was made to honour God and honour your own Adam/Eve. So the body cries out in pain for misusing it. 1 Cor. 6:18-20 on point.
    9. The action is far as far as it makes you want to sleep with them. That is far, very far.. 10. I am not about condemnation here, that is why in this very series I am putting a lot of scripture. New testament ones, so we know it's God not Ocholi.
    11. Truth is we need to realign our priorities and put sex where it belongs - In marriage
    Please do nothing to "awaken it" when it is not time. SOS 2:7.
    12. As hard as it may seem in this age and time, far is 'sexual kissing', fondling, fingering, sexting and whatever you exchange to get hard or wet.
    13. I referred to 'sexual kissing' in the last point because in some cultures there is 'greeting kissing'. I don't know of one in Nigeria though!
    14. It is not 'greeting kissing' or Paul's 'greet each other with a Holy kiss' if it is making someone hard or wet. The 'holiness' and 'greeting' has been removed in that case.
    15. Bros her breasts are meant to satisfy the guy in Prov. 5:18-19, stop pressing it... Babe, reserve it I beg! Don't you know that putting hands in food before it's time to eat makes it sour?
    16. Run from anything that stimulates youthful lusts. Instead, pursue righteous living, faithfulness, love, and peace. Enjoy the companionship of those who call on the Lord with pure hearts. 2 Tim. 2:22.
    17. Flee ANYTHING that STIMULATES youthful lust 2 Tim. 2:22... It even tells us the company of people to enjoy, those who pursue right living.
    18. Focusing on "we actually have not had sex" is destroying you because you are fully sexually distracted already but are finding 'false solace' in avoiding the final act. All join, seek grace and stop it all!
    19. The worse is even e-sex! You are being defiled by punching buttons, viewing or exchanging picture and videos... Charging yourselves up and having a high. This is called Lasciviousness! Repent! Eph. 4:19
    20. Don't joke with far because it will become too far..You can't stop it if you don't stop it before it starts controlling you and it will surely control you if you don't stop it now. Cheers!

  5. She said nothing but d truth but God help d human flesh, it's not easy to stay pure in dis modern day

  6. The word of God stands sure.It cannot be broken.It is for our own benefit.Marriage is honourable,Bed undefiled.


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