Newborn baby boy found dead in Calabar, Cross River State (Photos)

A new born baby was found abandned in Calabar, Cross River state! Facebook user Sanntos Intanational shared the photo and wrote:

What a wicked world!!! This baby was found in my backyard this morning... A young girl did this but a man was responsible not and dont u think he has the right to know b4 terminating his already formed sparmatozoa??? Why did the girl even had to wait till d feotus was fully developed b4 exterminating it in this manner??? Indeed girls are very wicked n no wonder we have rev. fathers...


  1. But y r some women do heartless?

  2. Omg! Who is this evil??????????? Killed an innocent child in this cruel manner.

  3. Whatever a man sow that is what he will reap.
    Some of this girls end up having delay in the future and blame the devil

  4. OMG! This broke my heart.
    I'm just speechless.

  5. I opened my mouth and couldn't close it

  6. GOD forgive the mother of this baby...


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