Mysterious pimples grow on any lady i sleep with - Nigerian man cries out

A Nigerian forum user, has cried out about how mysterious pimples grow on any lady's face he sleeps with!

He wrote:
The issue is i met my fiancé little over a year, when we met she had a very clean smooth face every woman will pray for but after few months her face is gathering pimples and within a short time her face become rough. She made different consultations, tried different face cleansers but to no avail.

There was a day she said something that baffles me and got me thinking. She said "she noticed her face start getting rough when we start making love." We laugh it over but i reminisce over what she said and i could remember the same happened to my ex. My ex nurse pimple throughout our time together.

And apparently, there is actually a lady i met before i met fiancé, she is dark and lovely with a very smooth face, we had series of sex before she later travelled. After some month when i later she her, her face is full of pimples.

I was not actually bothered before now owning that i just gained employment when i met her and i did pre-employment medical test before i got the job and all the results from the test shows i am ok. Perhaps the tests i did doesnt includs this that i dont know and keeps me worried.

My question now is, can it actually be that my intercourse with them is causing this? If yes, whats the cure to it from my own side and how can my fiancé's face be treated. Has anyone experienced or suffer from sch before?

Meanwhile my face remain clear and smooth all the while, if i have a pimple at all its actually because i changed cosmetics or too weak to bathe at night.

Please help a brother cos this is disturbing me and its a concern for her as well. She has spent a lot trying to get her clean smooth face back. Thanks


  1. Oga ur sperm is contaminated
    Go nd dilute it

    Sparkling Golden Teeth

  2. Wonders, wetin I no go hear

  3. It might be true but I suggest he consults a medical personnel, Dermatologist

  4. refrain from pre-marital sex and see a DOCTOR ASAP

  5. It happens at times... Your sperm is not good for her body

  6. Stop sleeping with women you are not married to, maybe your wife will be exempted.

  7. Na wa o. This is funny to me.
    Don't know what advise to give, maybe you should seek medical help.

  8. Advice ur girl to See a dermatologist. It might not even be ur sperm


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