Exclusive: I work in a restaurant - 19 year old, Glorianna Eghe who flaunted her 3rd car in 2 years reveals (Be Inspired)

Few days ago, News of one 19 years old Glorianna Eghe Idubor, went viral after she flaunted her third car in two years! Many were happy for her and others asked how she was able to acquire such wealth at a young age!

Well Kemi Filani Blog had an exclusive chat with her, and she revealed to us that she is a Mechanical Engineer student in Norway and also works part time at her family restaurant - That is how she was able to save for her cars!

Read interview below....

About her
My name Is Glorianna Eghe Idubor. I am a 19 year old girl from Edo state but have been living in Norway now for 7 years. I am a student (mechanical Engineer) but also work part time at our very own restaurant.
How it feels like to have a third expensive car at 19 
Well yeah the car. The feeling is always great when you know you make your money working hard and can get yourself something nice. A car is not the best thing I the world but it is something nice and something I am happy for because it's from hardworking
On her Major source of income and what pushed her into it, she said:
Like I said earlier I work with my family... the restaurant is ours but I get paid like other workers should and I pay my taxes and all just like a normal person but this is not forever... just till am done with my studies
On if she has a boyfriend, she said:
Don't think I want to comment on that if you don't mind ?
Advice to young girls:
Well am a young lady myself... but will just say... keep doing you. The little you are doing now might get you big and if you have anything or any dream. Keep fighting and always pray for better and good outcome 🙂


  1. Good for her.She should consider investing her money too.

  2. Well, there is definately family background that explains it all...not the salary.

  3. I think I need to start working @dat restaurant...lol
    I'm not hating, but its so hard to believe she could actually afford to buy 3 expensive cars from a restaurant job. I don't just get it.


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