A True Love Story: The president who couldn't get over his financial secretary (Part 2) - Mayowa and Damilola

The Financial secretary and her President
 A few weeks ago, we featured Mayowa and Damilola's cute election love story and playful pre-wedding session on our True Love story series (HERE) and promised to bring you photos from their grand wedding..well, here we are!

They got married last two weekends and their wedding photographer, Diko shared these awesome moments and portraits from their wedding with us.

Our love story... 
We met way back 2011 during the NACOSS elections. He was running for the post of President, and I for Financial Secretary. 

First time we ever set eyes on each other, it wasn't love at first sight, it was "bad eye" from me at first sight 🙈

We both won the post we ran for and we interacted only during the meetings, but we still weren't friends. 

The first time we started a one-on-one conversation, on phone, was from him correcting my grammatical error one beautiful Sunday Evening. 
He thought I was a church girl, I thought he was a nerdy boring dude. We were so wrong about each other. Gradually we got closer, talking till late at night. We kept our friendship away from the rest of the executives and friends. 

And one day we expressed our feelings towards each other. Gradually it grew into a tight bond. We decided to keep our relationship away from people and make it all about us, a principle that has helped us till this point. 

He asked me out on May 20th and I responded with a "Hi5" on that same spot. I knew I wanted him, I wasn't ready to make him wait. I trusted God to make him perfect for me. We have gone through good and horrible times but somehow God got us here.

In July 2016, I tweeted about wanting  a surprise birthday party randomly, but I never put any thought to it happening. And on December 1st 2016, he gave me exactly what I wished for months before.

 It was the best surprise ever. And in front of family and friends, he let out all of his feelings and proposed to me, this time I didn't respond with a Hi5, I responded with a YES!!!!

We are super excited to start this new phase of life together. 
Wedding photos:

Kemi Filani weddings wishes the lovebirds a happy married life!


  1. HML
    They look good together

    Sparkling Golden Teeth

  2. Mehn the bride is very beautiful. Hml

    1. Groom is more handsome biko

  3. I love the wedding dress

  4. All their attires are wow making them look royal. God bless their union with twins and triplets. Fine couple.

  5. Beautiful couple.God bless their union


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