Only God could have done this! He brought out a gun and shot at me

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The power of God to save is great beyond human comprehension.
I was with the faithfuls  for a program  where handkerchiefs were  anointed. 
I got home to put it under my pillow. 
In the morning,  my mind made me remove it  and I put it in my bag. 
I went out with a neighbor in her car.  She stopped along the way to get certain things done,  like  going to use the  ATM  machine to withdraw money. 
As she entered the car and we were about moving away, a man clad in black all through, came around the side of the car where I was. 
I was sitting at the back, by the door of the car. 
I told my neighbor to lock up  the  doors with the central  lock  as we wound up the glass. 
The man  told us or was it me,?   to get down  from the car. We did not answer him 
He brought out a gun and shot at me 
A day light  attack  on a Nigerian express way in Lagos !
A bullet penetrated the glass and made a circular ring on the window of the car. 
The Lord God Almighty is wonderful. 
The Lord had prepared a way of escape for me without me  having an inkling of the raging  of the  power of darkness  awaiting me. 
I had the anointed handkerchief  of the previous day with me.
I was holding it in my hand. 
I could not explain it. But the bullet landed  on the floor of the car  and caused no injury to any of us in the car. 
I am alive today to tell my story 
I then realized it as probably because of me  that the program was held and handkerchiefs anointed, to remove death verdict upon me. 
The Scriptures was fulfilled..
God alone does wonders. 
I praise His Holy name


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