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The  Lord God Almighty is my Healer.
HE came in and made me whole.
While I was standing  cooking  the breakfast for the family,  I had a sharp pain at my back.
It was like a stabbing pain from the neck area  towards the waist and covering the whole left side of my body.
I went to sit near by thanking God that it meant me prepared for it.
I'm saying this because I woke up with a bad dream and I personally decided to go on a fasting exercise for that  day ;if possible for three days.
But I had a great fear because it shook my faith despite my prayers and praising God.
The pain seemed to be a paralyzing one - a whole left hand side.
I did not tell anyone in the house nor  call for help  ;but  i went back stirring the beams cake I was frying.
Within the space of 10 minutes, I had three bouts of the sharp stabbing feeling at same side.
I left for the room to anoint myself in the name of the. Lord  Jesus Christ.
I tried  hard to cope . My husband was not around and we had a visitor who we had to make breakfast for before  he left that morning.
Thank God  I was a bit relieved  but I had to go sit down to rest. My daughter came to finish up the  cooking.
The repeated occurring pain stopped and the pains subsided.
However, in the evening,  while I was watching the second day program of the  65th Annual Convention of RCCG, in my house, God touched me !
Daddy E A Adeboye  spoke that God  said HE  had freed someone  from whatever bondage the person might be in. I claimed the prophecy.
The theme had been '  Beauty for ashes '
I needed total victory.
I needed God Almighty to deliver me and make me whole.
You may nor understand the situation I was in.
Up till that evening I was still feeling the pain, though mildly.
Something I had never  felt before all my life.
The battle  in the mind was daunting.
' Is this the beginning of a stroke ?'
That morning, I was just telling myself  and the voice speaking in my mind that he, the devil, had come late because his antics had been revealed the night before and I had planned to face him with a fast.
I want to bless God Who knows all things and can do all things if we believe.
Since Tuesday, the 8th of August  2017, I have been freed. No pain. No symptoms of pains.
Thank YOU, Jesus.

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