Only God could have done this! Divine Deliverance

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Happy new month KFB, please share this great testimony of mine.

I was going for choir practice when II ran into the hands of ritualists.. I would not call them kidnappers because of the way they operated. I managed to call my mother to tell her I did not know where I was. My mother thought I had missed my way; she therefore suggested I took a commercial motorbike home from wherever I was and that she would pay the rider on my arrival. I had to open up to her that I was being taken into the bush with some other youths and children. And I told her what needed to be done was for her to start praying for me. Mummy arranged for prayers immediately. I was later told. She sent some Scriptural verses into my phone to be declaring while there. One of our captors collected my phone from me, went through it and passed it to the others until it finally got to their leader.

God, please move ! Please, intervene in the others as YOU did mine. The experience is better imagined. The whole place was littered with dead bodies; even from the path we took to their den. The fear enough was killing! Tha leader called me and began to ask me questions on who I was, where I was going before I was caught etc. I answered him to my best ability It seemed he was not satisfied with all that I said. He was fierce -looking ! He told them to bring a calabash with water.in it. This was used in washing my head,legs and. hands .

When these were done, he burst out, shouting that I was a ' wrong ' person to them. He told them I was to be returned to where I was captured.. I was a bad market to them. Only God could have made this possible . That was how I escaped. But I want to use my case to plead for Nigerians in the lions dens. Please, God save this country I saw close to a hundred victims bodies, if not more , lying on the ground around. These ones too had parents In my escape, I groaned for the dead and those who are still there. I thank thee Lord Jesus for sparing my life.

The Word of God worked for me Hallelujah


  1. God let your words work for me now,in Jesus name amen.

  2. Thank you Jesus!

  3. It could only be God....i rejoice with you. I think we should all raise constant prayers for this nation as the rate of ritual killings has risen.


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