Nollywood actress, Joy Anyim opens up about marriage crisis, domestic violence, and court battles

Joy Anyim says she’s been very unlucky with marriages. Credit: Various
Joy Anyim says she’s been very unlucky with marriages but that doesn’t mean she has given up on marriage.
The Nollywood star has been married twice and divorced, but still, has hopes to walk down the aisle in future. In July 2015, She welcomed her first child, a baby girl named Sherebiah, with Joseph Etiebet whom she married in 2014.

The couple parted ways in 2016 over claims of infidelity.
In October 2016, the actress was reportedly arrested and detained in Uyo, Akwa Ibom on a one-count charge of theft of the sum of N460,000.
However, the 28-year-old Nollywood star who was accused of stealing from a friend told us that she wasn’t arrested, and has never been in prison before.
In this interview with GoldmyneTV, Joy Anyim finally opens up about her marriages, domestic violence, court battles, and upcoming projects.
How would you describe your relationship with your estranged husband right now?
We haven’t spoken for long now, he doesn’t think he has anything to say to me but believe me, he does and there will be a time that he will ask for audience, I pray God gives me the heart to listen to him because I have tried everything possible to contact him because of our daughter but he does pick calls nor reply text messages. Funny enough I wasn’t even calling for money but for him to be part of our little girl growing up life and I have stopped.
I know right now he is seeing me as his worst enemy and that I may expose him to the world, which I am still considering that option.
Joy Anyim says she’s been very unlucky with marriages. Credit: Various
Would you say you have been unlucky in your marriages?
Yes, I have, I have been very unlucky with marriages but that doesn’t mean I have given up on marriage. I will still get married but for now, I think I need a long break from the drama it carries.
I will be 29 years old very soon and I’ve been married twice and divorced too, people saw it as crazy and a lot of mouths opened to call me names but if any of those marriages took my life, I believe same people would ask why didn’t she just leave? Well, I am not a Hypocrite, it’s not that I wouldn’t have spoken about this marriage issue long ago, I had a lot of writers inbox me to hear my side of the story but I told them off.
I remember every day I woke up, I will tell myself, Joy, it is you that matters forget about what people say but on the second thought internet never dies. So for tomorrow sake let me bring you into my marriages story, I was 22yrs when I had my first marriage,  I was young, innocent it was a beautiful thing to behold but it wasn’t for long, I suffered from domestic violence and not being able to conceive made matters worst.
We grow out of what brought us together and we decided to part ways 2013.
It wasn’t easy going through the process but it was better to walk away alive than to be carried away dead. 2014, I decided to give it another try and this time I entered into a womanizer’s hand. A man that will be bringing women into our matrimonial home, a man that is powerful in preaching Bible but his life was the opposite. He doesn’t even use a condom to sleep with these girls, I have records of girl that has aborted for him and he keeps denying.
The only thing I bless God for in that marriage was for my daughter. I really wanted that marriage to work is my second marriage and a child coming in too. I don’t want to go into full detail of thing, there is a saying that goes if a dog bites a man it is no news but if a man bites a dog it’s a news. A lot of women have seen things in their marriage. I believe marriage was made to be enjoyed not endured. I was breastfeeding my daughter when my said husband came up with a story of infidelity, and that he needs separation, I got saved from the court. Little did I know that someone I called my friend was also sleeping with my husband and has gone extra miles to pin him down.I got to know about this,  and I was advised by my lawyers not to accept separation from him rather I should file a divorce while I followed the advice. Marriage was not made from heaven but it was made by God to be beautiful and anything apart from that I will not be apart of.
Tell us the inside story on your recent theft case? We read online that you were arrested and detained on a one-count charge of theft of the sum of N460,000. What really happened?
I don’t even know that young man and I’ve never met him before but I now know who paid him to do what he did.
I’ve never borrowed money nor steal from him or anyone. I remember I was in Lagos that day the story came. I had calls from my co actors and friends. It was funny because renting me and the amount mentioned, it was just too small, I remember one of my colleague calling me to say ” Joy that money too small nah, they would have said 460million people for believed’ it.”
This man is said to be an undergraduate with a local studio and also a friend to my supposed friend that took over my husband. Her plan was to get me arrested and put me in prison so she could move in fully with my ex-husband.
She feels I will come fighting her for what she did to me so she just needed me out of the way. I wasn’t arrested and I have never been in prison before. The said young man was used to report a frame up the matter to the police against me, when I was invited, I told them to take it to court and to my surprise the only witness to him is the same mistress of my husband and her sister.
“My love life is frozen, for now, I am relating with everybody as one.”
It is also being rumored that your finances are bad at the moment. That you can no longer afford the lavish lifestyle you enjoyed while married? How true is this?
That can not be true. I have right to do whatever I want to do with my money at any given time and funny enough I wasn’t even living a lavish lifestyle even as an actor. What are we even saying?
Everyone knows that when being invited to film, you are lodged in the hotel and when you are done with the job, you pack up and go. So people saying I’m seen in a hotel is just like saying “A lion eats flesh” which of course is not a news because a Lion isn’t a vegetarian. I am not broke and will never be. I’ve never depended on a man to finance my lifestyle even while married, I work for my money and I spend it on the important and needful.
You were accused of cheating in your previous marriages, what do you have to say to that?
Going according to the world today, every woman nickname is a prostitute, in my case I know that those names were just used as excuses to cover a lot of truth from my ex, it doesn’t affect me because none of those saying were true.
People see us actors as freaks but I tell you we are one of the most disciplined sets of people, our job isn’t for everybody, which is the reason we see ourselves as professionals.

How do you cope with your love life being single again?

My love life is frozen, for now, I am relating with everybody as one. I will get involved again when I am ready,  I am not a sex freak. As a psychologist, I have learned to keep my emotions in check, and one thing you should know is that there is a hormone that enhances sex in our body and if it is not active, anyone can stay without want. Many are facing an in-activeness because of fear of getting hurt and some have suffered in relationships, they develop hate and before you know it one will become straight. This is one of the reason I still believe in Love. I don’t want my past experiences to push me to that point that I’ll lose hope in good people.
What projects are you presently working on?
I have done many films and movie series and still have and I appreciate God for the speed I am seeing myself, I really appreciate a lot of people in this Industry, I will not go around mentioning names but all my daddies, mummies and friends who are watching my back, I love you and God bless you, even to my enemies, God keeps you alive to see my greater days. I will be releasing two of my movies this year alongside other productions and project.
Joy Anyim produced 2014 film, “The Pastors”, which featured Mike Ezuruonye, Walter Anga, Solomon Akiyesi, and Eve Esin.


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