Nigerian man recounts his ordeal after he had an accident that left him with a fractured leg (Photos)

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A Nigerian Facebook user, Inene Martins has recounted his ordeal after he had an accident on his way to Lagos that left him with a fractured leg!

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He wrote:
August 25th, 2016
A day I would never forget as it sticks to my existence. I didn't want to write as I was even more confused on what to write about. It was too much to write. But then, here I am writing.
Warning! This write up is really long but you don't have to read it all, just go through the pictures and understand the process.
It would be the first time I would experience something of such and I am grateful to God I survived.
The day was a Wednesday and I had set out on a journey to attend to some business in Benin City. It was successful, I passed the night and by morning the following day, I was on my way to the park heading to Lagos for another meeting.
Got to the park at about 7 or 8 in the morning, bought my ticket and the bus was already loading passengers. While waiting for passengers, I engaged myself in some activities such as moving around, pricing stuffs and also buying as well. I bought myself a face cap ‘sef’ that I used in taking pictures too. There was even a book I wanted to buy but the price no click and the girl no even ‘gree’ and so I didn't buy.
After about an hour or two of waiting for the bus to get filled and after it got filled, we set out to move. Before we moved, cos I was seated in the front sit, I overheard the driver and one of the park directors having a heated argument. The driver complained of being used for night journey and here he is going for another one after he got to the park at about 2am. I could see he was tired and his mind wasn't there at all. I heard but didn't get it was a sign.
The driver was driving really fast. As in, very fast! We got to Ore from Uselu within 30 to 45 mins. He was really fast. At Ore, everyone came down. Some to eat, some to ease themselves and others just walked around to either sight see or buy things from hawkers. I was walking around until it would be time. While walking I saw a man selling palm wine and so I bought 1.5litre, can't remember the price. I also got plantain chips, the long ones but was buying for someone.
Everyone came back, all seated in their respective positions and we were ready to continue the journey again. I put the stuffs I bought down safely, plugged my earpiece to my ear, slouched my chair and shut my eyes to sleep while I try to forget the bad road along Ore.
Gbo-a! Gbas! Gbos!
I felt a strong vibration with a large force that sent me forward from my slouched position and another even stronger force that sent me back again. It was the bus airbag. We've had an accident! It was ghastly!
I wake up. My eyes are not clear. Everywhere is silent. It's like I'm in a Trans. Then suddenly I start gaining consciousness. I see a red big Caterpillar in front of us, very close. We’ve hit a moving caterpillar. The bus windscreen is smashed. I look to my left, the driver's head is on the stirring unconscious. Then I started hearing voices. People had gathered. The passengers by now where shouting and crying. Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!
The people that came where just looking at us. It was as if it was film trick. I wasn't understanding. Then the bus started to smoke. It was at this point reality dawned on me and I started to shout for help without caution. My left leg was stuck. The impact the bus had made the front of the vehicle to compress. I thought the bus was gonna catch fire.
"Help, help, help!!!" I kept shouting.
Some men came and tried to help me out. For about 10 to 15mins, they were struggling to pull me out. They succeeded and I was able to bring out my left leg but without my left leg shoe. Well, it wasn't a priority and so I put my leg down to walk to the other side of the road. As I placed my leg down trying to walk away, I fell down like a Mango tree. The force was like someone under the anointing. Fell on broken glass that went straight into my skin. In that position I crawled like a baby on the express road. I could see people shouting for the big truck that was coming towards my direction with speed to slow down while I crossed. I really cared less.
I'm already on the other side seated on the ground. My smart phone is with me. I don't have one leg of my shoes, my bag containing my belongings is not with me as well and my palm wine and the plantain chips. Well, the palm wine got burst. That I saw. And I had plans for that thing when it gets cold. Very painful! I made sure my second leg of shoe was with me, my bag and my small phone. As soon as I got all these, I was satisfied. Some people weren't lucky with their belongings as they were stolen by the same people who came to help.
It's 20mins after I've been released and the guy that sat in front, in between me and the driver was still stuck. He couldn't pull out himself. This time, they had to tie a rope to the front and rear of the bus to bigger vehicles and they stretched it so that they can release the last guy. When he came out we all thought his legs would have scattered beyond recognition but we were shocked. Dude came out unhurt in fact he walked majestically to the other side of the road. That is the guy that sat in the uncomfortable area in the bus. I was jealous. I didn't want to be the only one. The only one with an accident mark. I don't think that was selfish.
I wasn't sure of everyone that got affected. I know the driver was unconscious, he had to be rushed immediately to emergency. One woman had injury on her lips, a girl broke her arm, another her ankle, one guy broke two of his teeth (I will be cracking a joke soon with this one), then I broke my left leg (Tibia). Other people just had some minor injuries.
The woman that had an injury on her lips had two small children who were less than 3 years old. Nothing happened to them. It was a miracle indeed!
Sitting on the side of the road and looking at the bus where I was brought down from, tears rolled down my face. I would have been wasted just like that. I cried more. I wasn't even crying because of the pain I felt, I was crying because I knew I wasn't even gonna make heaven if the worst had happened. I mean, if I was clean of all sins at all, that palm wine was gonna give me away. Just like Moses, the devil was going to use that against me. And so I cried!
Road safety was on time with no ambulance. The accident happened close to their office. We couldn't wait for ambulance anymore and so they loaded us at the back of the pick up like ileya ram going to the slaughter house. I was the biggest and heaviest. I couldn't fit at the back of the van with the others and my injuries was the most severe and so they put me at the back seat. It took about six men to lift me up carefully. As they carried me, I could see my leg dangle like a pendulum. I was in pain.
I didn't want to think I had fractured my leg. I knew that might be the case but didn't want to think so. I wanted to hear from the doctor before I believe.
We got to road safety's office in few minutes and we were transferred to the clinic there. That clinic was something else. The sight was even more traumatizing than the accident. No proper care. In fact the supposed doctor came in with singlet and knicker with white apron and no gloves on. And that was how he was touching blood upandan. The nurses, make I no talk sef. Those ones, I don't even know what to use and qualify them.
When it was turn to carry me, it took only one man to lift me up. At first I was scared he would fall down with me because of my weight but he didn't. And those six guys were now acting like the weight of the world was on their shoulders. Nonsense!
The first person I called was Sam Obadero. My very nonsense friend. I said Sam, omo, I don get accident o. The idiot started laughing. As in Ayam not even understanding. He didn't believe. I had to say it again in another tone. Then he believed. Yeye Somebody! From Benin I was heading to a meeting with my clients who were supposed to get married the following week and since I could no longer make it, I asked Sam to represent me. He didn't even take a minute to accept. Omo dada ni.
Then I called my girlfriend next. She wanted to die. She even cry pass me wey get accident. She started panicking. She could no longer concentrate at work anymore. Her boss just had to let her go home. Before I knew it, she was already driving down to the accident scene with her elder sister and one of their neighbor, a guy. Wow, I felt love mehn. The distance was far. I can't even place a number on the amount of kilometers they drove before they finally met me. In fact I was ready to start leaving before they got to me. As she came down from the car and saw me, she insisted she would follow me down to Lagos. I accepted.
After my girlfriend, the next person I called was my elder brother and then my Dad. I didn't want to call them because I didn't want them panicking. But then, I assured them it wasn't so serious that they should be calm. And they did as I told them. My mum was calm. I was really surprised.
When the doctor told me I had fractured my leg finally. I was down. Like I was one hundred percent before and dropped down to zero percent. That was how I felt. I have never had an accident before neither have I fractured a bone in my life. It was new and I didn't know the right reaction for that situation. I was just confused that I was asking a lot of silly questions.
"Will they amputate my leg?"
"Will the leg grow back?"
"Am I going to be on wheel chair or use crutches all my life?"
"What then would happen to my photography business where I actually need my leg?"
All these questions and more kept coming to my head. And then I cried again. I knew I was doomed. I had convinced myself that my leg was going to be amputated since the nonesense doctor wasn't paying mind to my curiosity. Then I stopped crying. What could be worse than death? Nothing! And so I gained confidence again, confidence that I would be able to make it in life no matter the circumstances. Then I smiled to myself and said, "This is minor".
I remembered we were teasing ourselves, we that were affected. The ladies amongst us where just shouting like say them dey beat them join. Me I shout too o. I was just saying "shit", "fuck", "take a break", and "damn it". That shit was fucking painful.
This is the joke, lol: the dude who broke two of his front teeth was actually going from Benin to Lagos to see the dentist. Na so we see am.
He came to me and was saying I was lucky. That he had wished himself in my place. That my bone would heal back (he gave me hope here. I think I asked him if he was sure here) but his teeth won't grow back. Me I said I wished I was in his place too, it's just a broken teeth. We go fix another one. Lol!
The bus company had been contacted by officers of the Federal Road Safety Corps. They said they were on their way. "On their way" turned to three hours of long wait. When they finally came, they came without a bus to take us to our various destinations. They said they came to confirm. Very stupid set of people. So they thought the accident must have been fake. Their father!
The bus finally came after a long wait and we entered to start leaving for Lagos. Some people went back to Benin, some, their parents and family rushed down to pick them. The rest of us continued the journey.
Coming back home was not sweet at all. I felt the worst pain of my life. I really wanted the so called life to end. I was really tired. The journey wasn't ending and there was mad traffic. Luckily, I survived that one. We got home late at midnight. Straight to the Health Centre, my parents were already waiting to receive me. I was carried like a baby again down to emergency.
I wasn't prepared for this and so I didn't know what it was going to be like for me. Before we moved from the road safety office, I had forced the manager of the bus company to write me an undertaking stating that they would foot the hospital bill of which he agreed to. I was the only one who asked for such document. Every other person didn't care. The bill they were going to foot was just the first stage which included all the hospital bills from emergency, accommodation, dressing the injury and all other expenses that was supposed to needed for the first stage before I am discharged. I was. Given about ₦89,000 which was all. The main expenses happened later.
Life was really hard for me. I was broke financially, depressed and dependent. I was always in pain. Sometimes I could feel my bones grinding. I would wail and moan every night. Sometimes I'd cry to God to please take this pain away. I would promise to give whatever he wanted from me. He should let this cup pass. I really felt alone.
Then the worst happened. My mum took ill. She fell so sick that I thought she might give up the ghost. She was down for about 3 months. I was really bitter and exhausted. I went back to God to remind him of what my mum has been through while serving him and how faithful she has been all the way. I sincerely cried to God. I said leave my own and do hers.
After my mum, I really pitied my father. He looked like a walking corpse. I could see it all in his eyes. There was nothing he could do to change what was happening. He was tired, his job was on the line. I remember how sometimes he would run from work to come and check on me and my mum or when he wouldn't go to work because he has to be with my mum. The family was upside down. There was no money, there was debt in piles. We were covered in one problem or the other. It was uncontrollable.
It was at this moments I began to see a future-less life for myself. The healing was taking too long. Jobs were not coming, the ones that came, I could not attend because I had "no legs".
They said it would only take six weeks for the bone to heal but it took six months plus before I could walk without my crutches. The wait was like forever that was never coming.
In all that six months, I was indoor all throughout on the same spot on top of the bed except for days I had to go for checkup. Beside the bed was a chair that had a bucket in it where I had my bath, shit and urinate in with another chair in front where I stack pillows to place my leg on. Very embarrassing and stressful moments. It was embarrassing because I didn't have anything to hide. My blokos was free to air, my shit sef was not even a secret and sometimes someone had to take my bath for me. It was stressful because of the pain I felt each time I had to stand up from that bed to take my bath, shit or urinate. It wasn't beans. It was struggle.
I had exhausted all my savings. All the money I save up for wedding (no be today I don dey plan to marry). I didn't want to beg at all. I was really tempted to as it got to that point. I hated it. I hate to be at the mercy of another. My pride won't let me. I resorted to selling my investments. I sold my cameras (two of them), I sold all the lenses I had, all my speedlites and many other things just to survive. I was just left with my computer. I had lost it all. My family has to be bringing in food stuffs for me even though they didn't have for themselves.
The accident came with its own trauma that was always in my head. I can't stop thinking of accidents, when I sit in the front seat, I am scared. I feel my legs breaking if I walk in a kind of way and so many traumatizing thoughts that usually come.
I remembered when I thought I wouldn't walk again without the crutches, I figured out that my hands were still working properly and I could make use of them and so I launched a photo editing company that allowed me to work with my hands and raise some money to survive. I also did some really cheap logo designs which really helped along the way.
I remember going about with my crutches in Lagos meeting people to loan me some money to boost my business. I begged for this as I was past my pride. I made a lot of calls to people, sent mails for assistance but none came through. The worst I did was asking two of my clients for a loan. It was the most embarrassing thing I ever did. If I had a choice I wouldn't have done it. I felt really bad. One of them even decided not to pick my calls again and I don't know why. I hope to see him one day and ask.
Well, not all was terrific. During that period I bought myself a live pig for the first time and I enjoyed it. I really enjoyed the pity I got from people when they see me on the and they start forming all caring or when I wanted to cross the road and cars stopped at once to let me cross safely. I miss those moments. I really felt disabled. Sometimes I jokingly say if worse comes to worse, I would just go and join the Paralympics to qualify for a sport. I enjoyed being taken care of. It was really good.
But It's all over, I hope!
Despite the pain and the sufferings, three things were constant. My family, a few friends and Facebook.
My family: I have said a lot from the beginning about them. My younger brother had to redeploy from his initial place of primary assignment to come closer to me in other to be of assistance. He was everything I couldn't do. He would wash my clothes, cook, wash plate, clean the house, empty my urine and shit, he would scrub me and sometimes massage me to bed. He was more than a "house boy" for all he did. Of course we fought during those periods. Especially when I have to tell him how to cook the soup or when I tell him to bring the pot of soup so I can add the ingredients myself. I really frustrated him with my every minute calls for one thing or the other. We fought to the extent I told him to leave my house that I was going to help myself that I didn't need him, lol. I was really petty. One time, dude soaked corn flakes for me without sugar and I didn't know what to do. Nonsense! He was really good and I am saying thank you. My other siblings were definitely of assistance.
My Friends: I am the one who doesn't like friendship as I am always careful and I do not trust. I believe everyone is in a relationship with another because of what they want but this people proved me wrong.
Isi: I am really glad our paths crossed and I do not have any regrets. Just thought you should know. Isi was there with me on the day of the day of the accident. She followed me from the scene to my house, she stayed with me in the hospital. She'd clean the house, cook and bring food to the hospital for me. She would keep me company all through the night. All these she did without it being her duties. Sometimes I'd be overbearing. I would frustrate her and do all sorts of childish things but she would understand. One time she was really tired and she made me crawl like a baby to go and get whatever I wanted for myself, lol. We fought mehn. Me I no say I get wahala. Thank you for the financial supports you rendered, love and care.
Lawal Oyindamola: If I don't mention your name, then I am an ingrate. I hate to be one. Alaba has always been there and I can confidently call him my friend. He gave me moral support, financial support and company. Times when I have no hope, he would just lift my spirit up. When I am helpless, you are there. You would inconvenience yourself just to let life easy for another. Sometimes I wonder if you have sense but you do. Alaba! Thank you.
Obadero Samuel: How did I meet Sam? I can't remember but it looks like we grew up together. He's married, he couldn't find me a wife. Sam is the only guy I can talk on the phone with for hours, credit would finish and we are not done talking. We connect like that, lol. Don't, worry, you'd be my best man. Sam was the first person I called immediately after the accident and he responded like someone with sense. He didn't let me down. Thank you for the money you sent and the constant check up. I really appreciate Bro.
Irene Cynthia: The only person that calls me Daddy Yo and the only person that I call Baby Yo. Oya do quick with school let's do and marry, time is no longer on my side before I reach menopause. Irene, I really appreciate all the calls and the moral supports, thank you.
Tomi Raje: If I don't mention this one, then I'm dead. I can't even describe my relationship with her. She's somebody I fell in love with, it was very obvious but the idiot went and put me in friend zone. Very disrespectful. I kuku comot by myself. Tomi, I love you and you would never know how much but I do. At the same time, I have hated you to the point that I would even want to squeeze your neck until you cannot breathe again. We've had our own worat times and we've survived still. Our last fight where I vowed never to talk to you again but you apologized. You are lucky you did o, lol. Of all the girls I know, you'd still be my number one ( I really don't know why you no wan free for me, I am not understanding). We've been there for one another. I have watched you go through hell and I have seen you survive. You are a good somebody and you deserve love, the kind I can give. Tomi was always checking on me and sending prayers. She even followed me for checkup. She cooked for me, she even wash plate. She's really good at that. Your future husband will enjoy. Thank you for those oranges you brought but dem no sweet at all. Tomi, I love you. Oya, make your swell burst.
Oreoluwa Bamidele: Dear ore, I can't describe all that you've done for me and I do not know if I would be able to pay you back. You stood beside me when all was rough. You acted as my unofficial staff, messenger and assistance and I wasn't even paying you a dime. You were really loyal and I must tell you this, I couldn't contain the bad feeling I had in me when you said you needed to move forward. I know it was for a good course and I really missed you being around. Thank you for everything. I hope I made an impact in your life as you did mine?
Marian Ayim: You have shown from time to time what you really are. You are a good person with a good heart. You have been so good to me. I really appreciate all of your efforts during this period in my lifetime. I don't know how to pay you but I hope I can reciprocate this act of kindness you have shown to me. This may be a token but it comes from deep down my heart. Thank you!
Imade Akhigbe: I really appreciate your effort and that of Osula (please send my regards to him) in trying to come seee at the scene. Your efforts are duely appreciated. Thank you.
Gibson Theodora: I appreciate all your constant checkings. I want to let you know that was a good thing you did. Thank you.
Pastor Adenike Lamai: As soon as I you heard of the accident, you came immediately to come see me in the hospital. You still allowed me to continue with the job you gave at I couldn't complete myself. I really appreciate your prayer support. Thank you Ma and may God bless you real good.
Mrs Maureen Ekwunife Fasanya : You and the entire staff of Tender Cradle School, thank you. I was so happy when I received that hug from you when you saw me. I never expected it, I was like I had just risen from the dead. Thank you for all the calls and advice.
Bholu Ibinaiye: If not that you have a boyfriend, I would have been the one. But I am happy with the position I occupy as an assistant boyfriend. I want to appreciate your help yours and that of Ade. I remembered how you called immediately Sam told you. Thank you.
Prince Atanda: Thank you so much for all the help you rendered in my absence. Thank you!
Oluwajuyigbe Taiwo Michael: Thank you!
Oyebode Durtun Dotman: Thank you!
Fiyin Lasisi: Thank you
Komi Lasisi: Thank you
Thank you everyone.
I love you all!
Also, I want to thank Mr and Mrs Babatunde Abaniwonda Oluwatomisin Kasomo Abaniwonda, Mr and Mrs Deji Williams Temi Lasisi Williams for their understanding. God bless your family.
Facebook: Facebook is a friend and it has helped me a lot. I should be grateful. There was nothing else I was doing apart from sitting in one place, eating, making calls and watching movies. In fact I grew fat during this time. The other thing that kept me going was Facebook. It made me happy. I was able to forget my problem and that was epic for me. Thank you Facebook.
Finally, My sincere appreciation goes to God. In the absence of a true God, I am nothing. Thank you Lord.

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