Nigerian lady who lost her job, battling depression after losing her N5million payoff to her Church (Details)

According to one Nora Oma Snow on Facebook, a Nigerian woman who recently got sacked is battling depression after losing her five million naira payoff to her church's micro-finance bank!

Nore wrote:
Wetin dey Pepper Nora for body:
So I have not heard from this friend since January, I assumed we all have been dealing with life .
Only for us to have a heart to heart talk on whatsapp today;and she confessed that she has been dealing with depression.
She is a strong member of one the top three Pentecostal churches in Nigeria.
One Sunday , sometime last year, this investment company came to speak to the church members about this micro finance investment.
Like an average gullible Nigerian, who lets their guards down , don't ask questions , throws all caution into the air;once they hear my pastor said,once they hear something from someone standing on the altar in their church ; she invested 5 million naira (five million naira) of her hard earned money she was paid off after she was laid off from work . And this is how all this prominent Church members money entered voice mail.
As I write ,EFCC don waka for this case self tire.
As a Nigerian, when you buy kwili kwili on the highway and sees puff puff when you open it ,you somehow deal with it because the transaction was done on the highway. You took a chance. Deep down you were prepared.
When you lose your money to MMM , you somehow deal with it because people were at least warned.
But how about when you lose your money in your church? A church that is supposed to be the epitome of morality?
When one of the top churches in Nigeria gives a company their podium, the opportunity to stand on their altar and convince its members to invest in a company that defrauds them, you realize that Nigeria as a country is irredeemable.
I only withheld the name of this church on the request of my friend. She and other members who lost their money are stuck, hopeless and powerless. I wish I have any legal advice to even give her.
Nigerians! Nigerians! Nigerians!
Be diligent! Stop letting your guards down because one person has pastor this or that attached to their names.
Personally besides real estate, I don't and won't make any monetary investments when it come to naija. I no get strength.
If like come with 100% interest rate, I no dey do!! My double shifts and sleepless can not become another inspirational social media story.Mba mu
Biko, if you have any legal advice to give my friend to help her recover her money, biko make una help her.
Details of the company and the investments are below. If you know this company; you better run for your life too.

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  1. The Suisse microfinance Bank is owned by Christ Embassy Church a.k.a Believers Loveworld, the bank is located at Gacoun Plaza, 23 Road Festac Town Lagos . It is among the fleets of banks owned by the church, which also owned Parallex microfinance Bank and Refuge Home Savings. The Suisse MFB is run and manage by Pastor Ayodele Olusola who is the MD/CEO of the bank and members of the board of directors are senior pastors in the church including Pastor Lanre Alabi, Tokubo Odimayo, Adebisi Sogunle, Tim Onebamo. Pastor Ayodele Olusola is the pastor of Christ Embassy Church Mafoluku Oshodi Lagos. Ayodele Olusola has runned the bank as a personal business throwing all the ethics and rules of running microfinance Bank to the wind. He recruited people who are members of the church as marketers to collect money from people on daily basis as savings. The marketers usually go about with savings cards, the first one thousand naira you save with them belongs to the bank and at the end of the month the bank will deduct another one thousand naira for helping you to save. The Suisse MFB also have big savers who have their millions as investment in the bank. They collected Millions of naira from these set of people as investment with the promise of paying interest on it. Now the bank has runned into deep financial mess and the bank can not pay the poor savers and the big savers who have their Millions with them. The estimation of the money the bank owned people is over 200 Million. The bank locked their premises on 16th of December and went hiding, all of a sudden resurface first week of February and paid few small savers less than two million and again have gone into hiding. And the church being money minded church is unwilling to rescue the situation. I guess pastor Chris Oyakhilomen must be aware of this situation as The Nation newspaper carried it on the 28 of January as http://thenationonlineng.net/were-finished/ . This shows the church does not practice what they preach and is only after people money. And there is an allegations that Pastor Ayodele Olusola might used the money for Ponzi Scheme as he can not disclose what he actually used the money for. This is a big criminal offence which the government should look into.

  2. Fake churches and fake pastors, may God punish u all


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