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Synopsis: After a visit to a famous Pastor, they somehow wake up in each other’s bodies. Is it a miracle or a curse? Who knows? Unable to switch back, they are forced to masquerade as each other until a solution can be found. They couldn’t save their marriage as themselves, can they save it as each other? (Written by FilmHouse Cinemas)


Starring:  Omoni Oboli, Ramsey Nouah, Seyi Law

Verdict: Brave. Exhausting. Mildly funny. 'My Wife and I' fails to score! Like a soccer legend out of his prime, 'My Wife and I' serves up a consistent string of misses. Hitting the cross bar over and over again, it leaves its audience flustered and demoralized. Contrary to the hype, 'My Wife and I' is not a must-see. We went in fired up! We came out deflated.

And so, in our interactions with several members of the audience afterwards the one reoccurring quote was- "It's just there". Because ultimately, when the hype is stripped away, you will come to find that 'My Wife and I' is all glitter, no oomph- Just another Nollywood movie. A conclusion proved right by the prevalence of sober faces as we trooped out of the hall.

Nevertheless, we give the producers an 'A' for effort, for daring to take on a unique plot-twist brimming with obvious difficulties. An ambitious and brave effort indeed. Unfortunately, viewers don't pay for effort. We pay for goals. And 'My Wife and I' failed to deliver. Resulting in eerily long periods of dead silence, sparingly interrupted by muffled giggles, from what was an obviously unimpressed audience.

Not recommended.


  1. i knew the movie wasnt going to make sense

  2. Hunh?It was over hyped!I thought it was a comedy.


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