How a guy I met in the church choir at 17 led me to having 15 abortions - Relationship Coach tells her story

By now you must have known how much Kemi Filani Blog loves the instagram page, Myunfilteredng where peeps share different stories.... Some are pretty, Others are raw, painful and brutally honest. And not every story has a happy ending but many of the stories of faith will inspire you and help you along this journey called life.

I met a guy in the church choir at 17. We planned to get married in 7 years when I was finished with school. A year into the relationship, I discovered that I was 5 months and 2 weeks pregnant, after I had broken up with him. I was the choir coordinator of my fellowship in school and the PRO of my department. I went through so much shame, but I had my baby in school. After a while, I started losing my esteem because my dad made me feel so terrible about my mistake. I lost confidence in myself so I was desperately searching to be loved and validated by someone. I was broken and I started attracting many broken people who had no definite plans for me. I was heartbroken 14 times and I had 15 abortions in the process.

My last relationship was the worst because I met him after rededicating my life to God in church. He was the ideal man, my birthday mate and he was a brother in church. We planned to get married and we were moving towards that. I found out that I was pregnant again and I thought there was no point removing it, since we were already planning to get married. Bro refused and threatened to walk out of the relationship if I didn't abort the baby. I did eventually after so much resistance. He broke up with me 7 days after I did the abortion. I was completely shattered!

This prompted me to fast for many days. That was when God told me that I was never going to marry the guy because I had made him my idol. He was also going to disturb God's purpose for my life, which was sharing my story to help people. My guy was against it and I dropped it just to please him, so that I could marry him. It was after this revelation that I went to Facebook and started sharing my story when my daughter was 10. I started going to schools and churches sharing my story so other people could be helped.

I met my husband while doing this and we are now married with two kids. Now, I am a Relationship Coach, a Therapist and The Matchmaking Mistress. I help Singles attract their dream partners and walk down the aisle to a Happily Ever After.


  1. Wow i am inspired. God can use anybody, your past has got nothing on you

  2. Wow!

    The definition of 'being born again' in this our generation sef

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