They are blood suckers! - Seun Kuti reacts to the viral birthday photo of Dangote and his friends

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Late Fela Kuti's son, Seun Kuti has reacted to the viral birthday photo of billionaire business man, Aliko Dangote and his friends.

The juju singer called them blood suckers! Saying they owe a combine debt of about 2.5 Trillion Naira!

He wrote:
I see people trying to put a positive spin on this image but what I see is a group of people with a combined debt of 2.5 trillion Naira( as just released by Amcon) which is used to buy a lavish lifestyle and paid for by tax payers. How can people owe sooo much and still be allowed to keep all their luxury while the tax payers are footing the bill. Y'all can celebrate these blood suckers but I have NO LOVE!!!! #naijaresistance

Comments from followers below....
  • blackdyamundHmmmm. Awon Aje loju onile.
  • ezearts_no love for these wretched bastards who have a special seat in hell.
  • enitan_ojld goons wey no allow the horse wey dey Naija coat of arm stand upright again ☠ #Wickednessinhighplaces 🕵
  • cubofjudah🎤
  • asabistudios💯
  • medsoulmusic#authoritystealing
  • oruma40feetDemons
  • alade_olumideTrue talk 💯
  • adidofisayo#Word
  • fehbolu@shotsdboss u at the best,thanks for your good reasoning and mentoring, u are the best
  • deeeliciousoneI agree
  • sarmielowkeytrue talk #naijaresistance
  • greg.oiseContinue to speak bro..
  • shanky711Na so we see am oooo.... demons in white robe
  • eventsafricaI 👀the same thing
  • akunwa_1❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ RIDE ON SIR!!!!!!
  • tesneh#IConcur..
  • kaptainblack1U re baba
  • escobar147A group of people including one thief
  • kwamekitchenWords from outside the box, an average uninformed Nigerian will celebrate them because he doesn't know he is the one paying for the Luxury's they are enjoying that he can't afford for himself. Here we celebrate criminality, applaud indiscipline and merry to corruption. Over 75% of Nigerians can't afford 3 square me and what we have is a group of selfish and inhuman few social and political elites heating up the polity just to satisfy themselves. Until we begin to demand accountability which will give birth to good governance even at the grassroots level, no restructuring will work for Nigeria. @shotsdboss don yan am as e be. #naijaresist every man suppose know as e dey go
  • faaji_alhaji😂😂😂😂😂
  • manolospankyTruth na truth make we talk am nothing positive for this picture....
  • autodidact_tbabWalahi nothing positive for this picture
  • lolafenhirstI'm with you, son 🤷🏾‍♀️👊🏾
  • hayomiideSound It!!! 📢📢
  • holardimeji_ejanla😩😩 God!!
  • tuoyomichelangeloBros apparently you don't know what a tax shield is and I don't want to blame you because you don't have training in this field.. Rich people and business men take loans because debt is a tax shield and reduces the amount of taxes you pay.. It also helps to maintain the companies liquidity.. So for example if the company has 100M cash but needs 100M to finance a project.. It's better to take a loan an pay interest so they have cash just Incase. Google tax shield bro
  • shotsdboss@tuoyomichelangelo loool if u think u have said something clever here u haven't. Loans come with collateral! There loans weren't tied to any security. It's not about cheating on taxes here( which is deplorable also and which u seem to be espousing) it's about tax payers money being used to repay it instead of their own luxuries and assets!
  • shotsdboss@tuoyomichelangelo and I think I can even school u on how loans work or don't work in Nigeria. Can u enter a Nigerian bank and get loan to start up without collateral? I am not talking of those token handout programs that's not backed by any policy. I am saying real market terms is it possible for u and I to go into a bank and get loans without security? All vibrant economies give loans to good business ideas because the money is insured anyway, they don't really make losses if the business fails and also the debtors credit rating is damaged and so on and so forth. So back to Nigeria. If young people and start ups can't get this service, why is it ok for the people to bail out billionaires ( in dollars) for risky loans the banks have approved by themselves? I might not have training but don't worry I know how taxes and finance works because my business is global, i deal with tax authorities in three continents
  • tuoyomichelangelo@shotsdboss man Google tax shield.. It's not tax evasion.. I don't want to argue with you because this is not your speciality and you may not comprehend some things.. Secondly the job of banks isn't to save money but to borrow money out.. Banks are constantly looking out for the best way to borrow money to people so they can profit.. A start up shouldn't be taking a loan but should look for investors and business Angels.. You only take a loan when it will multiply your ability to make more money and can be guaranteed.. If you want to be mad at someone be mad at your politicians who are stealing money, these guys are the only people doing something great in nigeria..
  • tuoyomichelangelo@shotsdboss it's true that we need more funding for start ups but banks can't take the risk of loaning money to start ups( especially in our economy where people can disappear).. Imagine you deposit 5m and the bank loans it to someone who disappears? Banks usually borrow money to business based on their business plan, expected profitability and other factors.. Start ups are supposed to make money from investors, sales or from the stock market if they go public.. You are a senior man and I get where you are coming from but Google tax shield to understand my point.. Apple paid 0.005 in taxes in Ireland last year.. This is the game all businesses play
  • shotsdboss@tuoyomichelangelo tax shield is just another way that rich people avoid paying the taxes they owe. Many start ups I know personally have been funded by banks in London don't get ur point. I get ur defense of your ogas tho as the' only people doing something great in nigeria' while we are paying to bail them out. They are all politicians. There is no difference between elites and politicians in Nigeria. They are all entwined and entangled in all their businesses. Awujale also verified that in his book and I will take his word over yours.


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