Only God could have done this! The pot was burning, my son was sleeping!

Thank You, Jesus for removing teams from my eyes.
I asked for a testimony  for that week. That I wanted to share one with the  people too.
I did not know how it would be
One thought came to my  mind that if it was from death , I said,  Yes.
But could something that  bring death come  around me or my loved ones? I was musing.
I said to God, other blessings ......
All this was just in a flash !
And the  Lord heard !
Like play like play , as some people would say, it happened.
My son put  beans on fire and went to sleep.
He was so tired that  he went to lie down on his bed.
No one else was home.
He just thought he could take the thirty minutes or so for the beans to do, to relax.
That was his thinking  then !
The  Lord is good. And His mercies endure for ever
My son slept so deep that he did not  know when the beans got burnt
The pot was burning, my son was sleeping!
The whole small apartment was filled with choking  smoke ,  yet, he was there coughing from sleep
God kept faith. HE came to his rescue..
It took only  the hand of God that he did not get choked up.
We thanked God though, and laughed over my son's dilemma .
It was three days later that my mind reminded me of the  testimony I asked God for.
I felt it hard in my spirit that Was it a small thing the Lord had done for me on my son that I would not share it as I promised?
I saw my folly in forgetting such thing.
This is because while all these were happening,, all of us were not there.
We did not know or feel the gravity  of what God did until . ....
All the praise,
All the honor
And all adoration
To HIM Who delivers His own from death and destruction.
I give it to YOU, Lord, my Heavenly Father, through my Savior Jesus  Christ.


  1. I once had the same experience, God is forever faithful and may His name alone be praised. Amen!


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