Only God could have done this! A sister confessed to trying to harm me and my family...

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Lord  God of Israel, thank You for Your  goodness.
My Father in Heaven, thank You for Your mercy.
I did not know  I was in a battle so deep that  the Lord alone-- without me- was fighting.
The enemies gathered together against me. But they  could not prevail  over me.
One day, a so called ' sister' came to me to tell me that the Lord had been shielding me and my entire family from their raging  against me. That meant they were more than one.
She further stated that when I was too tough for them to deal with, ( And I did not know  ), they tried to get at me through my wife.
She  said  the plan against me was that, if I could not be made a slaughtered ram, the next person to me- my wife - would  drain my life 's joy if she was  taken in my stead.
I was perplexed. Or should I say I was dumbfounded?
What gave her the  effrontery to come  and sit me down to be telling me this? I asked her.
She said I should just thank my  Maker.
She  did as if she  wanted to repent and turn from the evil ways.
She was coming to church.
But one thing was clear ; the  Lord Jesus wanted me to know I was being daily attacked while I felt there was no serious and dangerous enemy around me and my family.She was a young sister.
Some months later, her death was announced.
What happened, I could not say.
And to God Who made me, I did not pray for her to die.
But our God fights for His own.
Truly, God's Word  is true !
Only God knew what happened.
But I fear this God Who is a battle Stopper.
HE is truly a Man of war.
The  Lord is  His name.
You may be thinking of what I meant by this testimony.
I have to share it because I am in my 50s.
And I  still wonder why people would think of eliminating me, either physically or otherwise.  And where I seemed to be too strong for them , taking the life of someone close to me  , would have been better imagined.
We wrestle not against flesh and blood but against power and principalities. We wrestle against the rulers  of the darkness of this age......
I bless the name of the Lord for fighting our battles all the way.
Glory be to His Holy name  !

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