It's Saturday! Rant and Win Airtime Here!...

Good day KFBers, and how is your day going? Our today's Saturday airtime giveaway is a bit different! All you have to do is Rant about anything and win airtime of N500!
The 7th to comment "With a Rant" wins it... Even anon. commentators can win. Just put the last four digits of your phone number! Start Ranting and winning Guys!


  1. The bad roads have gotten worse during the raining season. My area is messed up..1736

  2. Nothing to rant about.. Currently digging it in Navy town, owambe 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
    I'm thankful to God.. My all! My halleluyah belongs to Him!

    Kemi, no rant jare. I'd rather be thankful and keep trusting Him! 😆😆😆

  3. Enter your comment...
    been jobless for a while, tried to learn a trade but always fail...am I cursed? now they see me a liability to my husband, God please help me . 2931

  4. I Will Rant About Anything As The Crazy Clown

  5. Nothing to rant oh. Mehn am tayad here after having a Hot Family Meeting this morning. Chaii. I need my sleep abeg

  6. This kind thing weh they happen for Naija.. me no just understand o I dey vex.. I dey vex chai.. 09026686292 Airtel

  7. The way I am vexing.. see now somebody will say banana fall on me.. money fall on me and people will download many time but if someone sings a little Halleluyah challenge #olowogbogboro one fair guy on air will just be backstabbing and saying religiousish complaints..I don't even understand this country Nigeria sef.. mtchew
    MTN 08162402766

  8. This is howI was walking on the street then one girl was busy looking at me like a fool because I barbed skin.. I don't even understand why people will not mind their own business in Lagos.. Chai.. Shift lemme faint jare Etisalat 09080959226

  9. With A Rant

  10. Okay now ranting takeover 😂😂😂😂

  11. am scared...nepa has refused to take d light for days...days of light famine loading am sure...any ways enjoying my weekend alone thanks to nepa for making me lazy to go out

  12. kemi i need the airtime oo...4453

  13. Twerking,fake tweaking. Who tweaking Epp? 5347....airtel

  14. Ranting around in my house my kids keep messing up the house so I don rant scream shout plead sef 1895

  15. I love you kemi end of rant

  16. I ran from my friend's house to my house not to far though, to pack my clothes.. And I was running I fell... Aside that my day was good... No need for ranting

  17. The light problem in Kaduna is something else 0197

  18. Nigeria is too jagajaga
    Water everywhere
    No light
    Passed tru oyingbo nd d place just dey smell

  19. This one tire me o. My married sisters are fighting over this divorcee. The younger sis met this guy at an eatery and they were just friends. She later introduced him to the big sis, who then is inlove with him. She's is basing on the fact that the younger sis is happy in her marriage while she's not that the guy will give her joy. What advice can I give them?


  20. The rate at which staying in medical school is long ehen, someone can just stay till eternity.!! Nonsense!! 6896


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