" I was gripped with fear because I thought I was too young to father a child" - 9ice reveals

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Abolore Adigun, popularly known as ‘9ice’, has revealed that he nursed fears when he was to have his first child, Zion, because he felt he was to father a child at a young age, 28. He also revealed how the birth of the baby inspired him to write and sing the song 'No be mistake'.
According to him, when wind of the pregnancy got to him, fear gripped him because he felt he was too young to birth a child at 28. Speaking to Showtime in an exclusive interview, the Living Things singer confessed how scared he was to father a child at a young age.

“When news of my first child’s pregnancy got to me, I was gripped with fear because I thought I was too young to father a child. I was just 28-years old  at that time so I wasn’t really prepared emotionally or otherwise, I felt I wasn’t ready for that kind of commitment”, he revealed.

However, according to 9ice, he went ahead to keep the pregnancy unlike some men who will proceed to abort it out of fear of becoming a father a young age. When his son, Zion, was finally born, it then dawned on him that he would have made the greatest mistake of his life if he had terminated the pregnancy. 

He stressed that the birth of his first child, Zion, inspired his hit song titled No be mistake.
“When my son was finally born, it became clear to me that his birth was not a mistake; this was what actually inspired me to write and sing the song No be mistake”, he confessed.


  1. Why do you have to say the same thing like twenty times. If the story is short and meaningful, fine. Mee

  2. Abortion(murder) should never be an option


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