I have been a victim of domestic violence! - Blogger, Emeh Achanga pours out her heart!

Blogger Emeh Achanga has reveled that she was a victim of domestic violence, both emotional and physical as she claims she has seen both worlds.

The lawyer turned blogger who got married secretly and had her first baby, a daughter through C-section seems to have left her husband over domestic Violence

Parts of what she wrote in a blog post below....
I have been a victim of domestic violence ,the wounds were skin deep but my heart wasn't damaged because I wasn't emotionally abused by this man.It was purely physical. So I left that relationship with my sanity.

But the worst form of abusers are those who are physically and emotional abusive .A lethal combination which would drive any woman insane ,I mean medically insane.Sadly, it appears our two dear celebrities fell for men with both abusive traits.         I have seen both worlds .I have been with an emotional abuser. And after several attempts to break free, I can authoritatively say I know how it works.

Emotional abusers are usually meted out by men who are low in IQ,intimidated by dating or getting married to women who are above them.These women are usually beautiful by society's standards.


  1. I believe she was talking of an earlier relationship

  2. Madam Kemi, I think you should go back and read this diary again on Emeh's blog she was talking about a past relationship. Please let's be mindful of the informations we pass around.


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