Dear KFBers, Happy New Month + "Tell us about your Saturday Giveaway"

                        happy new month dearie

Dear KFBers, Just keep saying AMEN..... welcome to the month of July, May all of your previous failures turn into success this month! Today is the day to start something new and you have to feel fresh, just because it’s a new month, help yourself to be happy, and let go of everything bad!

May these days not go to waste, make every second count, and don’t let anyone make you negative or unhappy, because as they say “Happiness is the only thing worth fighting for in your life!
May your tomorrow be brighter, May this new month be more successful, I wish this month brings more inspiration and love in your life.
As the new month begins, May it keep you healthy, May you achieve all of your daily targets; May you remain happy and whole; May this month be better than all of the previous months of this year!
Always remember to never forget and never forget to remember that your resolution to be successful is more important than anything. Drive your eyes heart with motivation and go into this new month to achieve great things. Have a Splendid New Month

Yay!  It's Saturday! Tell us about you day and win Free airtime!

The most hilarious, creative, educational or inspiring comment will win N500 airtime!.. Winner will be announced on Monday!
This will come every Saturday!
So what are you waiting for KFBers?? Let the gist begin to roll in...
NB: add the last four(4) digits of your phone number in the comment (is even anons. can win).. Good luck! 


  1. Amen.
    Wishing all my KFBers frnds HNM
    I love u all.
    Let the comment keep rolling.

  2. Wow my Saturday was fantastic, though it was scuppered by boredom through power failure(BEDC) yet it was an amazing Saturday because when I woke up I was joyful to see my phone bing, unexpectedly it was a bank alert. I quickly stood up and did my chores happily. Towards evening I sat down to plan my future lolz I arranged my Sunday clothes and prepared myself ahead for Monday resumption... It was more fun when I managed to charged my phone with generator then I made a fun filled calls to my friends and played lot of games......guess what


    1. All these yarn on top wetin, mtsheeeeew....

  3. AMEN. Thanks a lot Kemi and happy new month to you and all KFBers.

    Just pondering on the portion of the Bible that says 'pray without ceasing' and wondering if this generation is praying enough. Hmmmn.. God help us.

  4. Yinmu 😗, mtsheeeeew radarada.

  5. Well, nothing much. Am not wasting my energy joor cos av never been given card despite my atotonu (story). Me I sha need recharge card pass federal government, I no get money to load.if I can get it, I'll be grateful. I hope after all dis typing, I'll get something, though trying my luck. 5824-MTN. Thanks in Advance and yes am not shy, na who get money wey go shy

    1. Mrs OYO,you don reach here again,weldonma 🙆

    2. Leave her now it's a free world and her data. She needs it dats y she had to speak. How much is 500naira recharge card

    3. At anonymous, her own is still better she came out openly. Y did u go anon and eat are u also looking for here. Swear say u av never tried before. Abeg, let everyone be

    4. At anonymous, her own is still better she came out openly. Y did u go anon and what are u also looking for here. Swear say u av never tried before. Abeg, let everyone be

    5. Hmmmm, I promise anon, I won't do this again, never. I hate been embarrassed like this and am very sorry I had to do it.Everyone shld pls forgive me, I promise I will never do so again cos I hate been disgraced like this. But Sincerly,poverty isn't good and I know God in His infinite mercies will lift me up financially and bless whatever I'll lay my hands to do in d future so I can also b a giver by His grace.. Amen

    6. Never feel so intimidated or frustrated. Huh? God is not sleeping he will definitely lift you up soon. Okay?

  6. @ Sparkling Golden Teeth, Mimi Love, and Francias Samuel . I missed u all nd HNM to u all.


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