See the meals this Nigerian Lady claims she made with less than N3,000

A Port-Harcourt based Nigerian Lady, on Twitter, Laety_Kokolette has shared photos of the different soups and stews she claims she made today, and it cost her less than N3000.
He price list includes;

Egusi 300
Vegetable 100
Fish 300
Pepper 150
Tomatoes(4) 200
Meat 500
Dry pepper 250
Grinding egusi and pepper 100
Ponmo 200.
Gents and Gent! Here’s a 100m yards wife material!


  1. She did well. I can make all these with 1k.

  2. She is a liar, I can even smell the lies from here, No Grandnut oil for maiing the stew? no palm oil, no salt, no maggi, no onious. crywfish nko? where the okro and she want man wey go mistakely fall into her trap as husband and ended up being a life time slavery. Na joke oo

  3. My friend,go and sit down!3k for where?

  4. You prepared that stew with 4pieces of tomatoes??You try!

    3k will prepare all these when you have the basic ingredients at home.

  5. Is it 'grinding egusi' or ground Egusi'. Your head so so soup.

  6. Wow u r so good with managing. I hope a very poor or stingy man sees this and proposes. U will be a great asset to him. Good luck.

  7. She's a big lair

  8. I guess it's a slow news day... Why people calling her a liar? She lives in PH not Iseyin or Ib.


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