Read strong reasons why Biafra will crash in 4 years!

An Igbo Facebook user who is obviously against the secession of Indi Igbo from Nigeria has explained how Biafra will collapse in four years. Hon Felix Silas took to his timeline to state strong reasons why it will crash. Read below and see if you agree! 

Ndi Igbo ibeh'm ghee nu nti. If the unachievable Biafra is mistakenly achieved, it would crash in 4 years. The first crack would start from leadership tussles between IPOB, MASSOB and Oha na Eze Ndi Igbo. They would rival each other with each claiming to have played the major role in the actualization of the sham :)
Similarly, the second crisis would be an interstate affair, mostly between the people of Abia and Anambra state. They would compete for "Federal Capital Territory" since Onitsha and Aba seem to be the hotheads in this Biafra brouhaha. Enugu might try to play smart by staying quiet during these times. But eventually, Anambra and Enugu would resume a fresh conflict.
Furthermore, there would be various land disputes, an increased level of man's inhumanity to man and other social vises.
Nigeria would definitely break one day but not now. So everyone should go and do something more reasonable with their time. When Nigeria would break, it would be into three places, not two. So oge ka di.

KFBers do you agree?


  1. Well, he's entitled to his opinion. As for me, I'm not against the secession of the igbos from Nigeria. If they think they've been marginalized, which to an extent, I think they have, then they should be allowed their Biafra. But they should follow due process, which is a national referendum. Its not by force to be part of Nigeria.
    Just saying

  2. This Biafra issue sef.. When will it finally end,!!! !


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