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Last week Friday, Mr Olusegun Adeniyi was invited to the House of Representatives at a special session to mark the mid-term of the 18th National Assembly, during his speech he dropped this “…with such an array of accomplished young men and women educated from the best institutions in the world, I will like to see presidents of Nigeria emerge from this chamber, beginning from 2019”. The Deputy Speaker Hon Yusuf Lasun in his vote of thanks “said there is no vacancy in 2019”. Recently, Mohammed Yakubu, a member of the National Executive Committee of the Arewa Consultative Forum (ACF) said “Buhari should not resign, even if he is on a wheelchair, north and people of Nigeria will vote him in 2019”

Imagine such statements when the main occupant of Aso Rock is in a fix trying to fix himself is given vote of confidence to fix a complex nation like Nigeria. Tufiakwa!
This letter is a reply to those who think they can stay in their room and decide who will rule Nigeria and are bent and achieving it through manipulation, lying, deceit, intimidation and thuggery and also to those who believe that a New Nigeria is possible. Nigeria is in shackles and we are duty bound to liberate our society from the hand these oppressors that sees everyone as slaves. Please there is vacancy in Aso Rock.
Leadership is defined by the responsibility it carries, abilities to tackles complex problem, chart the course towards the future, inspire hope and shift the boundaries of possibilities for the people. The privileges attached to a position is just the reward for hard work. The reverse is the case because this incompetent people are only interested in the perks rather than the heavy responsibilities attached with the positions they occupy.
Quote me anywhere, every office occupied by an incompetent person is vacant. Please let’s widen our search for credible, competent and effective people to lead us. If not people who will take us one step forward and five (5) steps backward will continue holding the forth.
Most times when we talk about bad governance, many Nigerians are indifferent. They will always say, leave politics and face your life, who Nigeria political matter epp (help)? They won’t vote, they don’t scrutinize their leaders, no questions about transparency and accountability in governance. They are not interested. Which future do you want to leave for your children? A society where everything is struggle and struggling, where you have to pray for everything because of the hardness of the system. A society where an undergraduate, Corp members are uncertain about their future. A society where doctors and lawyers are unemployed. Where soldiers who fight for our security are neglected by the society they protected. A society where people are sent to their early grave because of bad roads. A society where hospitals are neglected, and the managers of the system go for medical tourism with their children and loved ones abroad. Even President Buhari doesn’t use the health facilities of Nigeria. Is that the society you want to leave for your children?
The 5th line of our national anthem said, “The labour of our heroes past shall not never be in vain”. Compare the policemen, Sergeants Chukwudi Iboko and Sunday Agbo that died in the shoot-out with armed robbers in Zenith Bank Owerri and with those who are sponsoring bill for six months imprisonment for ‘jumping queue’. Who are our real heroes?
Do you know that a Police constable collect about N39,000 monthly. A Police corporal and sergent collect N44,000 and N50,000 as monthly salary respectively. An inpector don’t earn up to N70,000. If they are slaughtered on duty or active duty, there is no life insurance for them. The Police authority will pay the family N500,000 and kick them out if there are living in the barracks. The last time their salary was reviewed was in 2007. Recently the National Assembly reviewed their budget and increased it.Is this the kind of society you want to leave for your children? You can Google Punch news today with the search ‘Imo Bank Robbery: Nigeria not worth dying for, say policeman’ to read more about police welfare.
According to Unesco report, Nigeria has the highest number of out of school children and one of the world’s worst educational system in the world. Is this what you want to leave for your children?
If we don’t vote for competent leaders, the status quo will remain and worsen, remember every office occupied by an incompetent person is vacant.
These people that call themselves leaders send their children outside the country to study after raping and castrating our educational system. According to wenr.wes.org, Nigeria still remains the number one country of origin for international students from Africa. In 2015 alone about 17,973 Nigerian students studied in the UK. Do you know that Ghana has overtaken the US as the second most popular destination country? 13,919 Nigeria students went to Ghana for quality education. Nigerian students are the 14th largest group among foreign students in the United States and they injected an estimated USD $324 million (N117.9bn) to the US economy in 2015/16. Some of the causes are poor quality of its universities and failure of the Nigeria’s educational system to meet booming demand.
If you don’t look for and vote for competent leaders, you have given a vote of confidence to the status quo. Remember when poverty and frustration takes over the masses, the privileged are not safe. With the politicians is the sin of commission, yours is the sin of omission.
If the status quo is remained in Nigeria, two thing will happen. One will be easier and faster, the other will be slow and systematic. The hungry, idle, neglected, abused and downtrodden will take laws into their hands and nobody will be safe. The society doesn’t have plan for them, therefore they will make their own plans and play by their own rules.
The indifferent, informed, educated, concerned and enlightened will rise up and take back their society from the scavengers that feeds on the misery and wretchedness of the populace.
If you don’t have your voter’s card to vote, just know you’re among those that strengthen grip of these agents of destruction.
There are vacancies in leadership positions in our society starting from Aso Rock because every office occupied by an incompetent person is vacant.
Let's take back our society.

Written by Obinna Osigwe


  1. There are vacancies in leadership positions in our society starting from Aso Rock because every office occupied by an incompetent person is vacant.



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