Photos of notorious billionaire kidnapper, Evans' wife and 5 children, surface oline

Photos of notorious kidnapper, Evans’ wife and 5 children, chilling in his mansion before relocating them to Ghana, days before his arrest.
Evans is happily married with five kids as seen in the photo below. I wonder if his family knew about his job.
For those who haven’t heard the full story, Evans is described as the most notorious, high profile kidnapper and the richest in Nigeria.
See photo below;


  1. Can u imagine,u gat a FAM of yah own and u keep on making other FAM shed tears,wat of if they do to u wat u ve bin doing to others?and will d wife says he doesn't know d kinda work her hubby does?God av mercy

  2. They need to go get his wife arrested too she definately knows about his husbands evil deeds, she deserves t ok be punished too.

  3. Imagine, he has a beautiful family like these. How is he gonna face his family now? Shameless man

  4. Imagine, your kids are there! Enjoying!. You go around kidnapping other children

  5. You have a family, you wouldn't want to see them cry, yet you make other families cry. Let God be the judge!

  6. The wife should be arrested too.I'm sure she knew what job her hubby was into all along.IBO women and money.they can marry just anything all because of ego

  7. May God judge you Mr Evans

  8. I beg the wife may not know anything. Leave her out of it

  9. His wife also needs to be punished cause she knows and pretend as if it was normal thing she was the one who suppose report him to police.

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