Only God could have done this! There were some strangers in the house...

Who says there is no God?
Who would say there is no Holy  Spirit  to guide one?
I give  God Almighty all the glory and all the honor for proving Himself to me and the  situation that came knocking,as the Lord, Who knows all things and can do all things.
It was a traumatic experience. But God came to my rescue.
I was in my shop in front of our house attending to the day's business.
Being the only one left at home when everybody would have gone to work or school, I made it a habit to be going inside  the house to just see to things.
Our house is fenced round to standard heights. We have a small puppy to keep me company.
Then, last week Friday, around 12 noon, electricity light was restored. I decided to go inside the house to change my phone.
Little did I know there were some strangers in d house. Or may be  one. None was sure.
I got to the sitting room  and had my set plugged into one of the sockets
The Friday Muslim prayers were going on and the mosque is behind our house.
One could hear all that was being said loud enough.
But it prevented me from hearing any sound of what was happening  in our compound.
A time came, more than twice, that I had the urge to go check the house.;but something in me- I later found this to be the Holy Spirit - kept me glued to the shop. Yet I was feeling uncomfortable or rather  some uneasiness.
At 2 o'clock,the baby of the house came back from school, collected the keys from me and went I to the house.
I heard him call to me, ' Mummy, they have taken our plasma TV and the Home theatre  gadgets front  the sitting room'
I  rushed to meet him asking, Which TV?
I could not believe my eyes! All these and other  valuables had been taken  with the whole house ransacked.
I thank God Who restrained me from going inside when the whole place was being turned upside down.
Knives had been prepared for anyone who would have come in at the time ' they '  were reigning in the house.
So also a belt knotted in circular form like someone who wanted to go for a suicide mission - wanting to hang himself - was placed  on the  centre stool in the  sitting room .
I did not know of this until when our neighbours came around and saw the way everything was.
It had been  planned that if I had tumbled in while work was going on, may be for me to get something, we would be saying another.
To God be the glory !
Immediately, my son and I went out to check the surrounding area if we might recover anything or get some  clues.
This is because apart from the mosque behind our building, the next place to us is an uncompleted building left unattended to ,thereby overtaken by weeds.
One elderly man, a neighbor,  joined us because I hinted him of the daytime  robbery..
Double joy for us !
The stolen items were neatly packed in two flour sacks  that no one......no one could ever imagine  that they contained those items.
God took control.
HE made us pursue them and caused ur to recover almost  all the things stolen. They left with some cash and the  phone I was charging .
The Covenant-keeping -God fought for us.
HE was watching them when they  were cutting the window nets of the room at the back of the house.
HE did not stop them nor make me hear any sound.
When they were removing the burglary proof of the said window, God was seated on His throne , having His own plan ready for us.
Praise the  Lord!
The thieves demobilized the small dog. And  God did same to them at the end of their 'labour'.


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