Only God could have done this! I was delivered from a fatal accident...

I believe there is God in Heaven Who sees to the affairs of men on earth.
I acknowledge this God as the  One Who can kill and can make alive.
HE is God that does a thing and no one can query Him.
The Psalmist says, ' In His favor  is life '
I saw God at work.
I received grace to live in the name of Jesus Christ my Lord and Savior.
I remember like it happened yesterday.
I traveled  to the  east during the good old days when the express road between Sagamu and Ore was still in order.
I can never forget the day that the driver decided to be an agent of death.
The driver was speeding , and some of the passengers  were indifferent to  the movement of the vehicle as to caution him with his reckless driving.
I was sitting at the back doing what I  could do in time of loneliness - studying the Bible.
I could not recount vividly what was happening at a point. I just heard  a  loud sound.!
One of the two tyres at the front had burst! And  being on high speed, the vehicle started somersaulting about many times.
Before then, I had  cried out loud.,calling the  name ; Jesus.
One Word but the name of Jesus came to my rescue.
I saw the  door by my side flung open; and ,like  a dream a hand stretched towards me, picked me and carried me to a distance in the bush.
From there, I was looking at the  vehicle still somersaulting about twice more as if in a slow motion moving movie .
And then........
The vehicle was a wreck.
The accident was fatal !
God !
I could only bow in awe of this God. His mercy freed me unscathed.
When people gathered round to see what they could do, I presented myself to be one of the  passengers in the vehicle.
They found it difficult to believe me.
The Lord proved Himself as I needed not try to convince the people.
The miraculous hands that carried me out of the vehicle left my Bible lying on the floor of the vehicle to do the conviction.
I pointed my Bible to them, gave them my  name for them to check against the name in the Bible .
Wonderful Maker and Great Deliverer!
HE made me escape!
HE gave me another opportunity to live for Him.
The people declared it could only have  been God over all that happened.
No man could believe easily that I was in the vehicle
I give all to Him.
I can not but testify.
HE is God and no one else. AMEN.                                                                      


  1. Thanks God for his faithfulness. @ Kfb the headlines doesn't tally with the write up. Pls correct it

  2. He is worthy to be praised!

  3. Wow!
    Awesome God.
    How great thou art...

  4. Only God is dependable and reliable,congrats for that wonderful testimony.


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