Nigerian mother narrates how she fought with her child's "Teacher from HELL"

A Nigerian mother has narrated online how she fought with her child's teacher who she described as "Teacher from Hell"

According to her,  the teacher torments the children by forcing them to stay put in the class even though they are pressed and she calls them names like "market women", "mumu" etc.... Her cronicle below...
Teacher From Hell
I fought with my child's teacher on Wednesday. You see, I'm a parent who loves having a good relationship with the teacher but this particular Nursery teacher is so annoying. I had heard a parent complained about her during one PTA meeting, how she treats kids  badly and fills them with so much fear that they would be afraid of telling her when they are pressed, they end up peeing/pooing in their uniforms. 
The management had said they would do something about it back then. So when my daughter got to her class, right from the first term, she had been giving me weird class room updates. 
How her teacher calls them market sellers when they make noise, how she calls some pupils 'Mumu', calls one boy 'torchlight' because of his eyeballs and so on. 
Her pronunciations? OMG. I asked my daughter to identify some farm tools in her book one day, she saw a cutlass and screamed 'Kor-tu-las', I stared at her in shock, she told me confidently that her teacher said it's Kortulas. 
By now I was already tired of reporting to management. I just corrected my child consoling myself with the fact that she will soon leave that class.
Now on Tuesday, I picked her up and noticed she was unusually dull, on our way home, I kept perceiving this strong urine stench, I checked her uniform, Alas! My fears were confirmed, my 4yr old had peed in her uniform. I asked her to tell me what happened. She narrated how she told this woman that she was pressed and the monster teacher ordered her to sit down and finish her work before going to the toilet.
 That was it!

I was mad, I wanted to go back to the school that afternoon but I controlled my anger and waited till the following morning harmed with the smelling uniform. You all needed to see how I 'twisted' my face as I was about entering the gate. I created a scene in the presence of a few other parents that morning. I wonder why the school refuses to do something about this teacher from hell. How many parents here can relate to this? {SDK IHN}


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