Army officers brutalize man over debt in Asaba (photos)

Army Officers

A Nigerian man has been badly brutalized by army officers after his friend owed his aunt debt of 550k!
The aunt allegedly used 'juju' but failed so she sent her son who is a soldier to brutalize him.
The man identified as Onwume Frank was allegedly chained to a Iron Pole by army officers, as they reportedly used cutlass and dangerous weapon to break every part of his joint.
His friend wrote;
“I introduced a friend based on trust  to my aunt who is a car dealer.he came to  buy  my aunt’s faulty car for 550k  without dropping any peny with the agreement that he would have to fix the car first before he starts paying .
So due to the trust I have for him,the car was given to him by my aunt.Then after a while he stopped picking his calls,my aunt now asked me to take her to my friend’s family and which I did.when we got there,we met with the parents and they told my aunt to give them some time to pay her,but after a while she got angry cos she never heard from them. then she called me that she was going to the guy’s family to tell them to get ready as she’s going to come with a native doctor to do some native stuff since they don’t want to pay.
So after warning them,she went with the juju man and did what she did.then after my aunt noticed I was beginning to be successful, she turned to me that I should pay for the car. But I told her to give me sometime to look for my friend as I was already making my own moves about getting him.but my aunt was just too obstinate that she started asking me to sell my only car so I can pay her if I don’t have the money.
Now,because I refused to sell my car or handed it over,the son came to my house with a Hilux that contained five army officers.They took me to their base at ifunnaya street in Asaba ,handcuffed me on iron pole and started hitting my back brutally with cutlass and other harmful weapon”
What concerns Nigeria Army and debt recovery?
We are going into investigation to bring the perpetrators of this act to Justice.
Prince Gwamnishu Harrison
Delta State Joint Legal Action Aids'”

Army Officers
Army Officers
Army Officers
Army Officers
Army Officers
Army Officers


  1. Wait o, I'm not understanding. Is this a joke?

  2. *Sighs*
    Yet another brutality from these animals in uniform...smh

  3. *Sighs*
    Yet another brutality from these animals in uniform...smh


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