Nigerian man amazed to see ATMs installed at Pastor Tunde Bakare’s church in Lagos

A Nigerian man took to Facebook to declare his surprise at seeing ATM on the wall of Pastor Tunde Bakare‘s church “The Latter Rain” in Ogba Lagos.
He wrote;

ATM on wall of Bakare’s Church.
inside,there are POS for offering.
I am inside the main auditorium,seeing him live and not watching projector.
Malachi 2:7 is his chant for today.
Oya,let me concentrate


  1. Most modern pastors of today are after money so am not surprised

  2. I don't see anything wrong with ATM's and POS machines in churches. People get stranded in church too and might need to use their cards. I just might decide to pay my tithe via POS instead of having to bring cash to church.#mythoughts

  3. What is the big deal about this news. ALL OF You please stop carrying it. Banks actually go to public premises and office to seek licenses to install ATM s at their walls.

    I am a lawyer and I was classmate to this guy in LASU. he is just one silly troublesome person who has no value for God so he will make a deal of anything religious.

    Please stop helping him to advocate this rubbish. I am not fan of Tunde Bakare but in my practice my offices have been approached by Banks for the installation of their ATM its nothing religious they will approach any where they think their customers will need the machine espcially in those days when they were charging money.

    on the use of POS for tithe, its the followers faith and its okay if they think paying tithe is one of the tenets of their faith, that is a global practice. Hindus, Jews, Muslims, Satanist, Hariskisnas all have practices that we consider babaric but its fine as far as they dont force me to do it.

    To cap it for the upwardly mobile generation, We find it convienent to punch the tithe figures on the machine than have to carry cash especially if it runs into tens of thousands of Naira.

    Lets not encourage these article, it is baseless. why are you guys even publicizing it sef.

  4. I am a Muslim and I live in that area. I can tell you for free that the community benefits more from that ATM than church members. That guy is just one big fool.


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