My man is too attached to his mother - Nigerian girl cries out

A Nigerian girl has cried out that her man is too attached to his mother and needs advise! The confused lady shared her ordeal on an online forum (NL).

She wrote:

Good evening viewers! i have this issue has been bothering me, and i dont know if i can cope with it anymore particularly now we are making plans to settle down after my NYSC.

My man is too attached to his mum almost like an addiction. at first i was cool with it because his dad is late and i like guys that are close to their mums, but my man own is creepy and freaking me out. he calls his mum almost every hour, morning, afternoon, evening and even midnight calls.

One day his mum complained of headache, he almost left his office just to buy his mum drugs despite his mum telling him it's not serious, when i tried confronting him about this he told me that his mum is his soul and if his mum dies he would die along with her too, with all seriousness he told me this.

I've been very uncomfortable since that statement from him and it's making me have a rethink whether i can cope with him as a spouse.. please advice me..


  1. Stay if you can cope, leave if you can't, the boy's not gon change

  2. Seat him down and explain to him.

  3. Theres a typo at d headline Kfb. pls correct. Thanks.

    Their types are called the mama's boy. They are so connected to their mums like the umbilical cord to the placenta.
    I can understand ur frustration bcos it cud be so annoying.
    I honestly dont what advise to give other than be more patient with him. Hopefully, he'll change as time goes on.

  4. Hehehehehheh. Me I jump dis one oh. I can't cope with such guy oh.

  5. My dear run as far as ur legs can take you.Im married to one,we live in the same house with his mum.We ve been married for almost 12 years nd he has refused to get our own apartment.He has never eaten my food since we re married cos she cooks for him.She decides the school our children attend and so many other issues in our marriage.sincerely its a terrible thing i dont wish my enemy to experince.Run sis.


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