Lizzy Anjorin vows to never talk to Saheed Balogun again!

Forget what some have been writing or saying, actress, Lizzy Anjorin has not settled scores with Saidi Balogun!
Pretty Lizzy is still bent on waging war against the actor for betraying her trust in him.
It all started when Saidi Balogun slated the grand finale of his 50th birthday for July 7, which happened to be a day for Liz’s movie, ‘Owo Naira Bet’ premiere.

Saidi had postponed his four-day event because of the funerals of his late colleagues—Olumide Bakare and Adeshina Adesanya aka Pastor Ajidara. Moreover, another actress, Moji Olaiya died around that time and there was palpable sorrow amongst Nollywood Yoruba artistes and he shifted his dates to July.
Kemiashefonlovehaven asked Lizzy if Saidi knew her premiere date and she said:
“He is the lead actor in the film. This was after he had not appeared in the movies for a while. He knew I had chosen July 7. Not only did he slate his party on 7-7-2017, he contracted all my anchors a—Gbenga Adeyinka and Denrele Edun— and performers his party.”
Is that why she is calling him Judas Iscariot?
“Yes, he is. Not only is Saidi Balogun older than me, he is like a brother to me, a confidant and I chose him as a lead actor in my movie, “Owo Naira Bet.”
Remind her that there was a rumour that popular business mogul and Oluomo of Ago Iwoye, Giwa Femi Bakre and his wife, Yeye Oluomo of Ago Iwoye, Funke Bakre had settled the score and Lizzy explained:
“Yes, we were invited and for many hours, they begged Saidi to change his date for me but he refused. Not that he was just clocking 50. He clocked 50 on February 5, so why the desperation to clash with my premiere?
I’d never relate with him again and we would never talk until kinddom come!”
Saidi Balogun is still busy promoting his show.

Lizzie's new invite
Lizzie’s new invite

Meanwhile Lizzie just posted on Instagram: “If Judas didn’t betray JESUS, Jesus might not be popular…
If they didn’t fight against MUHAMMAD(SAW) in Mecca, He wouldn’t have found His way to Medina..
If the blessed stone was not there, David might not have killed Goliath…
At times we need enemies for us to be more focused and know who truly loves us..‎
We need friends, families and confidants that turn to be ‘over night’ enemies, for us to buckle up and wise up. Don’t be a hypocrite, GOD and Satan are enemies and they can never be friends that is to say they will remain enemies..
Baba God is not maga, He wants us to fight for our right especially on something that puts food on our table and something that makes us happy..


  1. Hmmmmn....he's refusing, i bet he has his reasons. Be the bigger person and move on! How's that so difficult? It hurts but then..pele.


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