Let's talk! Ladies, money or six packs?

They say love is essential in a relationship, Yet money rules the world they say! So girls pick between the both of them above. One has money, fame, affluence and power while the other has six packs, a job of 100k monthly and a 2 bedroom flat. Let's pretend they are both single, Pick one and tell us why!


  1. Kemi, who six packs epp biko???????????????????? Them broke ass brothers still be cheating on you...hehehehehehehehe.

    Well, jokes apart, I can't tell till i have to choose in a real life situation, If my 100k salary earner will give me peace of mind than my millionaire would, why not? It's all about my happiness at the end of the day.

  2. Omo, who six packs epp? For this recession?
    Am going for money, fame, affluence and power. Oh
    Am nt too greedy for asking dat much.

  3. Who 6 pack epp? Mschhww

  4. I'm nad a lady tho bhu money rulwa dha world.

  5. Chai! lool...girls and money sha...

  6. i tell you most women would go for the money, because with money they can cheat behind the rich guy and buy 6packs

  7. Number one pls,what is six packs?mtcchheeww


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