KICC's Pastor Ashimolowo 'begs church members to make dollar donations according to their years on earth (Video)

Nigerians have criticised Pastor Matthew Ashimolowo of Kingsway International Christian Center after he was caught telling his church members to donate money according to their ages.

Nigerian pastor, Matthew Ashimolowo 
A Nigerian pastor, Matthew Ashimolowo who is worth over $10 million has been caught on tape telling his church members to donate for a fund raising according to the number of years they have lived on earth.
Ashimolowo is the founder of Kingsway International Christian Center located in the United Kingdom with branches in Nigeria.
In the video which was shared by Nigerian radio personality, DaddyFreeze, Ashimolowo urged his members to give money according to the number of years they have lived on earth.
Nigerians have however  condemned the act saying that such a thing was unheard of in the Bible and is another way of fleecing the poor church members of their hard-earned money.
OAP Freeze wrote: "Nigerians, their IQ of 67 and their men of God. Come and give a thousand dollars for every year you have lived??"
"Can you show me anywhere in the Bible where Jesus used this 'fund raising' approach? I remember 5 loaves and 2 fishes but 1000 dollars???????"
"Someone commented: "Let's see who will still defend this act, I'm waiting for that person.... so the Poor ones that don't have 1k$ or Naira will go to hell abi ?"
"Wetin dey pain me pass be sey if you go to these Pastors for help, you won't even gain access to them and when you eventually do, they will put you on a long thing." another added.
"Instead of me to go to church. I swear make I die for beer parlour with my beer in my hand and go to hell fire." someone else commented.
Another said: "Wow even pastor Ashimolowo??? Kai my fav pastor .."
"Dis one shock me, it s well wit us." then another added.
See more of the comments below:
"He is even nice. A Pastor once said calculate the age of everyone in your Family in $... i can never forget that day. My sis & I jst dey look like zombie. I aint falling for that trick. Igbala is freeeee."

"And this is supposed to be a renowned pastor? Those of you calling for Daddy Freeze head shey you can see. This is supposed to be a High rated man of God. Tufiakwa. This brainwashism is something else."

"Get rich or die trying. You wanna be rich, right? Build a big beautiful Church, be eloquent, be smart and perform fake miracles. Lobatan!!! And the Lord shall bless you according to his riches in heaven."
"Probably those ones who have dollars would stay in estate heaven and those ones with naira would just stay in pako heaven! SMH and the congregations are still busy making nonsense noise at the background when a man clearly wants to make you go bankrupt!"
Watch video below:


  1. Absolute Nonsense. The following year he will drive G-wagon and splash water on you. Robbery in the name of God.

  2. Oh so now God is taking money for creating me?? This is too much, like wow just wow... God please forgive

  3. This insane mehn. All these pastor's ehn. Is well oh

  4. I'm sitting in one corner waiting for daddy Freezer's opinion..hehe

  5. Hummmmm!
    O ga o
    Only God is to judge
    They keep preaching Grace, holding on to nee testament but dey won't stop advocating from tithe
    Sparkling Golden Teeth

  6. lol... No be today. I attended a programme at Clam last year and he came to preach on the 2nd day. He talked about the new ooni of ife and said God can change your story around, the God that did it for ooni can do it for you and blaaablaaaa. He said those who can donate 400dollars should come out, very few people did, lowered it to 200dollars, people came out, 100 dollars, then 50dollars. 3/4 of the church came out.

    1. Me too o. At a service in port harcourt, he said we should drop a 2000 or 20000 round offering in faith for whatever project we are trusting God for and that after two weeks, we will receive the testimony. That is how i dropped 20k naira o and now after two years, no shingbai

    2. Lmao. the thing is i believe in God and i can write a book on the wonders and testimonies in my life, but mehn, this naija pastors,kilode? its like a business now. its good to offer seed offerings to God but it should be strictly between you and God and no soul has to know about it. This pastors just take advantage of people and have turned it into a business.The way this KICC was talking that day,honestly you would have felf almost uncomfortable if you didnt go out.If you have ever been to ClAm, you will understand how massive the crowd there is, almost everyone came out.I do not like how Nigerian pastors are all about money,kilode? only very few pastors are real. I advise people to try as much as possible to have a personal relationship with God, it doesnt come overnight and is a gradual process. Before you know it, he will talk and direct you, you just have to be quiet and remain still. For people it differs,some might be in a dream, some you'll just hear that voice and others it might be a vision. Nigerians stop falling mugu, me sef don fall before o before my eye clear.

  7. Men of God need to focus more on the importance of giving, when they do, members would give without been asked to.

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