KFB Movie Review: Isoken is like Ice cream, it will make you crave for more!

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So yesterday I got to watch the highly anticipated movie, Isoken and oh my, I was beyond impressed!

It is an awesome movie, viewers didn't want to leave the cinema hall!!!...it is WORTH the hype, your money and time.... ....and no, I wasn't paid to say this!!!!!

Synopsis: The Jade Osiberu film takes a look at the societal pressure faced by unmarried African women despite their career success.

It also focused on the dilemma encountered by a female character who has to choose from a pair of men with unique attractive attributes.
Starring: Joseph Benjamin, Dakore Akande, Funke Akindele, Lydia Forson, Tina Mba, Ngozi Nwosu, Damilola Attoh, Patrick Doyle.
 Character posters for cast of upcoming movie "Isoken"
Kudos to Jade Osiberu ..she was the writer, producer and director of Isoken, up three in one!


Cinematography✔️ Funny✔️ Entertaining✔️

 Isoken is Stellar....Beautiful....Suave...and Refreshing.

The movie is funny - not in a rolling-on-the-floor kind of way, but in the knowing smile and chuckle kind of way. In the 'I know a mother or aunt like this' way. In the 'I have been there' kind of way.
The laughs are accompanied by insights into friendship, love, societal pressure, self-confidence, courage and stereotypes.
Isoken movie
Isoken’s story line is all too familiar to a lot of ladies: Over 30, single, has a successful life, but is being pressured by mum to go get a husband anyway she can find him, to make things worse, her two younger sisters are already married. Masters and Phd don’t matter, to mum, marriage defines a woman.

After a string of failed matchmaking, Isoken's mother finally succeeds with Osaze (Joseph Benjamin), who is also from Edo State, successful, handsome and from a good family.

In an unexpected series of embarrassing events, Isoken meets Kevin (Marc Rhys) an English photographer, and begins a beautiful friendship with him.

She finds herself faced with choosing from two men from different cultural backgrounds, with unique attractive attributes.
 Behind the scenes of "Isoken"

Joseph Benjamin did well as a detached but ambitious Lagos boy. Handsome, fantastic apartment, from a good home and showed love affluently. Funke Akindele didn’t speak bad grammar (THANK GOD) but she was still refreshingly funny. Damilola Adegbite was the gentle friend even at first, i wasn't feeling her acting, she was sort of too slow, Tina Mba the over dramatic mother and then the energetic and hilarious Lydia Forson.

The movie is emotional, dramatic and funny. It also re-enforces the need to never settle based on pressure, to listen to your heart and speak up even if your voice shakes. Isoken found herself stuck in between going for what was deemed right by her family and what she knew was right. Dakore made the character believable as you could see the emotions through her eyes.

My favorite scene was when the Oyibo guy showed up at her birthday party and asked "you didn't tell me you were having a party" and Isoken whispered from her end "I am so sorry..." it was really adorable and sweet..everyone went awww!
Marc Rhys, in the movie, "Isoken".

If you love Nollywood, you have to see this to believe it. Words alone cannot. Words alone, will not do. Just attempting to describe it alone is giving me the jitters. . There are no words.

If you’re like Isoken, take your mother to see this movie, warn her before-hand but watch her enjoy the movie and come out smiling hopefully with a new mindset.

Watch trailer below:


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