KFB Interview : "I don't have a girlfriend, i am too obsessed with my career" - Fast rising presenter Harri Obi

In an interview with Kemifilani.com, fast rising presenter Harrison Obiefule aka Harri Obi talked about growing up, education, how he got into media and presenting, his role models and mentors and his goals in the entertainment industry.
The Political science graduate turned presenter said he would love to host the biggest events and reality shows in the continent... read the full interview below....

KFB: Tell us about yourself

 My name is Harrison Obiefule, but I'm popularly known as Harri Obi. It is easier to pronounce and memorize. Lol. I'm a TV Host & Producer, Compere and occasional writer and all round Mr. Nice guy. First child of four boys (Yes, I grew up with soldiers). Attended Revival Group Nursery and Primary School, Kings College, Lagos and Nnamdi Azikiwe University, Awka, where I bagged a Bsc in Political Science. Did my NYSC in Jos.

KFB:  How was growing up like?

Growing up was fun. I was a pampered child even though I wasn't from wealth. My dad made sure I received the best in the world from material things to education. My father threw the best birthday parties for us, took us to different places kids couldn't even dream of. I still have relatives who tease me today for being over pampered whenever I show my stubborn side. 
Growing up was fun. It took me a long while to realise that I wasn't born rich. I was just privileged to have parents who were caring to a fault.   

KFB: What triggered your passion for media?

I discovered my passion for media relatively late. I still have friends from university who are surprised at my career choice. I got into media as a way of staying from trouble. During school breaks, my cousin who worked with an online TV channel would usually take me along to events and ask me to handle the red carpet. This started because my mum reported me to him that she was uncomfortable with the kind and number of girls she was seeing around me whenever I came back for holidays. This was in 2010, in my 2nd/3rd year in the university.
But I didn't start to consider it as a serious career option until my NYSC when I joined the OBS, orientation broadcasting service, the camp's in-house radio station. I found out I could hold my own against my OBS colleagues who were mostly Mass communication graduates and broadcast majors. Even when a new TV show for and by corpers was set up, i was one of the few corpers chosen to be one of the show's presenters. That was when this whole media thing started for me.

KFB : How well would you rate yourself as a media personality?

Lol. Honestly, I cannot rate myself. What I have noticed is that I'm always getting better at my craft. I'm way better than I was when i first faced a camera. The rating should be left to my viewers. And from the feedback I've been getting from them, I'm not doing that bad.

KFB: Who is your mentor and why?

I have a couple of mentors and role models. Ebuka Obi Uchendu, the current host of Big Brother Nigeria, is one of my mentors. He has been very helpful since we met and started working together. He finds time from his busy schedule to watch my shows and advice me on my presentation. Another person is Sulaiman Aledeh, formerly of Channels TV's Sunrise Daily, now with Arise News (UK). He does the same thing, teaching me how to work on my pronunciation, voice inflection, etc. On role models, I admire IK Osakioduwa, ill Rhymz, Jimmie, Ryan Seacrest of E! and Terrence Jenkins formerly of BET & E!, now with MTV, they epitomize who and where I want to be, few years from now. Plus i model my presentation style close to theirs.

KFB : Any awards/nominations?

Yes, I've been lucky to have quite a few recognitions in my young career on TV & radio. In 2015, I got two nominations in the Nigerian Broadcasters Merit Awards for Best campus radio presenter and Most Promising Young Presenter, during my stay as a campus presenter on Unilag 103.1fm. In 2016, I got nominated at the Katsina Entertainment Awards in the Best OAP category and in the same year, won the award for the Most Outstanding Media Personality at the Imo state Fashion and Entertainment Awards. 

KFB : Among all the events and shows you have hosted, which one would you love to host again and again?

I don't think I have a preferred show. I have hosted entertainment shows, science shows, book and arts, politics, in fact I'm about to host a fashion show. I like to think I'm an all round presenter. Any show that comes my way, the most important thing for me is to do a good job.  

KFB: Which event are you dying to host?

Dying? None. But i wouldn't mind hosting the AMVCAs or MAMAs, the biggest Movie and Music shows in the continent. I mean, who wouldn't want to host them? Lol
Other ones include GidiFest, the biggest beach party in Africa, and the Future Awards, which I've always dreamt of hosting.

KFB :  Where do u see yourself in 2 years?
Two years from now, I'm working towards being a house hold name from the TV industry in the league of Ebuka, IK, Toolz, Sulai Aledeh, Dotun, have my own production company that'll be providing contents for the biggest TV channels in the world, host the biggest events and reality shows in the continent. And I can tell you that it's very close. 
KFB: Do u have a girlfriend?
Lol. I didn't see that one coming. No, I don't have a girlfriend.

KFB : Why???
ClichΓ©, but I'm not in the relationship phase now. Having and keeping a girlfriend takes time and effort. Right now, I'm too obsessed with my career to give or create time for someone else. Maybe in the nearest future, who knows    
KFB: Any words for your fans?
I don't use the word fans. Fans are for superstars. I prefer the word Fam or viewers. Well, I want to thank them all for their immense support, those that watch my TV shows, that reach out to me on social media, on the road, those that call, send text messages, email, you name it. Please keep supporting the brand and keep watching my shows, without you guys, I'm nothing. Thank you.  


  1. Why is he denying he doesn't have a girlfriend...lol
    Nice interview by the way.

    1. He doesn't want his mother to find out

  2. Thumbs up Harri. Way to go πŸ‘ πŸ‘ πŸ‘

    Buh you sure say you nor get babe. Issokay Issokay πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

  3. Better start getting used to relationship


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