It's Giveaway Time! "Tell us about your Saturday"

Hello KFBers, This is a new segment on Kemi Filani Blog which we started last week and we loved the responses! Here you tell us about your Saturday in the comment section! Tell us and win Free airtime!

The most hilarious, creative, educational or inspiring comment will win N500 airtime!.. Winner will be announced on Monday!
This will come every Saturday!
So what are you waiting for KFBers?? Let the gist begin to roll in...
NB: add the last four(4) digits of your phone number in the comment (is even anons. can win).. Good luck!


  1. My Saturday is going well, i was at the market today and i found myself pricing things the way African parents do, i couldn't believe myself.
    Me: good afternoon ma, how much?
    Me:Haaaaaaaa, ko gba #150😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Seller:pay #10 na*accompanied by the longest hiss ever*😥😥😥

    Who else saw the rainbow this morning? It was really beautiful.

    1. lol...but you not tellin us what you priced o. Fish?

    2. Hehehehehehehe. You try abeg you be my partner in crime. Lolz

    3. Hahahahaha😂😂😂😂😂😂😂*covers face*

  2. Nice1 Kemi, keep the ministry moving.

  3. Had a stressful day 2day after 2day evironmental. Damm so tayad honestly.

  4. Well, as a pregnant woman,i felt like eating corn so I bought the uncooked(raw) corn to cook at home. I was afraid when I wanted to buy it from the woman because the one I bought last, my teeth almost removed and I had headache self cos it wasn't that days corn but the one I bought today was so sweet like sugar and cheap .i sha enjoyed it jere because it's ibe eni which means today's corn 🌽 .if I win, my nos ends with 5824(mtn)

  5. Today has been fulfilling to me,gathered old and not in use toys,clothes and shoes from Neighbours and friends to motherless babies home,that was how I marked my birthday. 0319

  6. I did a lot of talking today trying to make peace between my neighbour, his daughter and the guy that impregnated his daughter. My neighbour demanded that the poor guy should pay him all the money he has been spending on his daughter and the baby inside her, Abeg who does that? They made my day fun in a way cos it was from one argument to the other 6090

  7. 6esh, I know I'm replying late.. My Saturday was stressful mhen.. Yeah, twas sister's wedding. We had so many visitors.. You guys know how wedding goes na.? Especially kemi. Lol. Twas awesome tho bhu stressful.. Bhu thank God my sis. Is now a married woman.. Happy married life to them. After the wedding, we went off home and I skept straight to wake this morning here on KFB... 6896


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