I have endless Nightmares! Am i being hunted? - Nigerian man cries

A Nigerian man has cried out online about his  endless nightmares for over 11 years now! He took to a popular Nigerian forum to share his ordeal..

He wrote:

... Everything was going well and I was really at my peak until this happened some 11 years ago(2006 precisely)...... I was at home with my Guardian's wife and one of my cousins at night(around 8pm or so) when suddenly I heard someone call my name at the door and I answered rushing to open the door,only to discover that there was nobody at the door and i was a little terrified. And that ordeal, I can say was the beginning of my mystery. 
Later on,I began having series of terrible nightmares that would linger on to become part of my life till this day. Firstly,I would always dream that I want to take something,but my hand will never get to it as i would stretch and stretch-and it was a recurring nightmare that happened on a regular basis. Secondly,I always dreamt that am always being pursued or running and when am running, it's usually at a very very slow rate and this dream too happened all the time. And so for a long sustained period,i had these two nightmares and in most occasions,always in danger.

Fastforward to a few years later and I would notice deterioration in every facet of my life, yet, I would just ignore. Later around 2012, I would gain admission into the University, but I well too realised that I was never the same again..... Before i entered University though, I began having health challenges (chest pain and discomfort) and I inwardly suspected it's a heart problem. So at the University, to cut a long story short, I never got anywhere near my peak and it was always whenever i had it in mind that I wanted to study or exams were around the corner that my chest problem always came, but when free or unoccupied or during holidays, I felt healthy and this was the trend all through my University days.

Again, although it was nightmares pre University, at the university it became somewhat metaphysical and it was in truth worrying. Whenever i slept and wanted to wake up, I always felt as though am being held down and standing up or even shaking becomes impossible and this has continued till this day. In summary, of recent it's either very terrible nightmares or not being able to stand up when awake as a result of being held down-and this mainly happens when am sleeping alone and in most cases when the room is dark. 
It's way more mysterious than i presented it, but this is just a Summary of everything. Opinions please cos I feel trapped......


  1. Seriously. You need a Serious Prayers. Like seriously.
    Go on your kneels and pray harder to God. And I know that God will do something about your situation. Jesus is the way out.

  2. MFM prayer city to the rescue.

  3. Bamidele Ajayi25 June 2017 at 15:49

    You have made d First step into your recovery by identifying ur problem . Now,assess your life and denounce all negative propensities and turn to d Holy God in heaven. Turn to Jesus for a new life cos HE alone gives this. You have tolerated d stronghold for long. Your spirit is now tired and wants a release


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