How to properly wash baby clothes


Children's clothing requires especially careful attention and careful maintenance. It is very important to comply with all the necessary requirements for the kids` clothing whose age does not exceed three years, because the baby skin is very tender, and its sensitivity is increased. Therefore, the problem of washing of children's clothing is very relevant for moms.
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In our days, they use special baby soap or detergent for washing of children's clothing, which is also based on soap. For the production of such a detergent they use a special technology and substances that do not harm children's tender skin.

Using detergent allows you to solve two problems at once: laundry and bleaching. When purchasing detergent, you should focus your attention on the bleaching basis: it may be hydrogen peroxide or as less desirable alternative chlorine, but in no case optical whiteners - they are not washed from the fabric completely.
Normally, in a detergent that is not meant to be used for washing children's clothes contains substances that conduct antistatic effect, softness and so on. But for children's clothing these parameters have no value, but not powder particles that are never washed out of clothing will irritate child’s skin - and such an effect is quite undesirable.
Baby soap, as well as detergent for baby clothing, are made from natural hypoallergenic components, which does not cause harm to baby’s skin. The basis of hypoallergenic property lies in a fact that the materials used in the production process have additional cleaning steps.
Another aspect: whatever detergent you use for washing, you should rinse it very carefully. You should rinse until the water is perfectly transparent, only then you can be absolutely sure in complete safety of fabrics for children's skin.

After washing and drying baby clothes must be ironed. In order to ideally iron the clothing, you should either leave it a little damp, or use a steam iron function. Ironing will provide children's tender skin with extra protection.


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