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For the first night with a new partner will be not the last, you should avoid the typical mistakes. After all, they can put an end to your further meetings!

These simple, but very important tips will help you figure out how to spend the first night with a new girl with the best results. We`ve got it from Anchor russian vs american girls` article.

Don’t worry
The most important thing is not to worry. Of course, it is inevitable in this situation, but try to pull yourself together. Believe me, a girl worries too, maybe even more than you. Relax, let everything go its course. The main thing is to be sincere, tender and gentle at the same time.

Don’t experiment
Don’t show all the positions in sex that you have managed to study for your life. It is better to choose the old missionary position for the first intimacy. Of course, every man wants to show that he is the expert of the Kamasutra, however, it may happen that sex will turn into torture with a constant change of poses and tempo instead of pleasure. In addition, it is quite difficult for a woman to adapt to a new partner just because not every man knows where the most sensitive places of her body. In general, the maximum adaptability in sex may occur after seven or even more meetings. Therefore, the main task for the first sex is to feel as comfortable as possible, and don’t try to impress each other with skills.

Don’t plan a lot

Some men set practically unattainable goals for the first night, and if something goes wrong - they become upset. For example, they hope that a girl will experience an orgasm during the first sex. If this happens - then you are lucky, if not - don’t get disappointment. After all, you both will probably feel constrained during the first sex, so it's unlikely that you can relax completely.

Don’t forget about preliminary caresses
Kiss a girl, whisper nice words. You should start with the most simple and easily accessible erogenous zones: the neck, lips, earlobes, etc. When you realize that you feel more free, you can move to the more intimate parts of her body, such as hips and breast. Try to be attentive and focus on what brings your companion the greatest pleasure. Behave naturally. She must understand that you are interested not only in sex but you are really pleased to be with her.

Don’t imitate

This issue, of course, is very subtle because your sounds can raise your partner's self-esteem and seduce her even more. But there is another side: if you don’t like what a woman does but show her that everything is fine, then you risk to get the same next time. If you don’t want to end a relationship after the first sex, take the initiative in your hands and tell your partner how to treat you better or be ready for disappointment.

Protected sex is above all!

It is no matter how emotional and ardent the impulse towards sex is, no matter how strong the desire to refuse a condom and, in general, all conventions, you must approach this issue soberly and take it as a rule. If you don’t have the exchanged information about the absence of sexually transmitted diseases, the use of contraceptives is mandatory. Months of treatment are not worth any passion and amazing sex.

Don't go immediately after sex

Lie nearby, hug, talk about something pleasant, dream. Don’t pretend that nothing has happened between you.

Of course, you don’t need to take the foregoing as an instruction for action and follow it without question, but it is better to follow at least some of these tips. Your first sex and further relationships depend solely on you. So, don’t expect something enchanting from the first intimacy. Let it be gentle, calm and romantic. Remember, that you will get used to each other over time and will be able to enjoy it to the fullest.


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