13 things we know for sure about billionaire kidnapper, Evans

So many tales are woven around the life and exploits of daredevil kidnapper popularly known as Evans – and many of them are exaggerations, fables, half-truths and lies.
 Even the confessions of the Nnewi (Anambra) kingpin don’t add up. From his upbringing to spare parts business, seizure of N25 million goods, drug peddling, armed robbery and kidnapping, there are too many tall tales in his accounts.
For now, here are some things we know for sure about the crafty, notorious, brilliant and deadly gangster as compiled by encomium.ng:
1. His father, Stephen Onwuamadike, used to be very rich, in fact, a millionaire. But the man who is from Akammili, Umudim in Nnewi (Anambra state) now sells pigs to survive. He claimed he has not seen his son since 2008 when he admitted peddling drugs.
And Pa Onwuamadike was distraught when he learnt of his exploits after he was arrested on Saturday, June 10, 2017.
The older Onwuamadike accused his son’s mother of misleading him.
And he maintained that he never benefited from the proceeds of crime.
2. Evans’ mother is no longer with Mr. Stephen Onwuamadike. Both reportedly parted ways around 1985 as the older man took a new wife.
The kingpin’s mother knows her son was crooked. That his high flying lifestyle was financed by crime.
Was he an ‘apprentice’ at a spare parts shop owned by a man from Nnewi for 5 years? Was he wrongly accused of stealing there? Did he go on a robbery spree before graduating to kidnapping?
3. His real name is Chukwudumeje Onwuamadike . That’s what his father said.
So, Chukwudi Dumeme, Chukwudubem, Onuamadike and all the other names are wrong.
Is he also Evans or George?
4. He was arrested around 1 pm on Saturday, June 10, 2017, at his 3, Fred Shoboyede Street residence in Magodo.
Were there gunshots or exchange of fire? Did he try to hide in the ceiling? Was a Uber cab waiting for him? Was he found with millions of cash? Was there a whistle blower?
All these are conjectures!
5. He has an impressive property portfolio of over N600 million.
There are two houses in Magodo, and another two in Accra (Ghana).
The 3, Fred Shoboyede Street residence was bought for N130 million, and spruced with over N20 million.
How much did he buy the 96, Emmanuel Keshi Street (Magodo) house? Another N130 million?
And the houses in Accra?
Does he have houses elsewhere?Possibly!
6. His family was relocated to Canada.
But how many children does he have? Four or five?
Chukwudumeje Onwuamadike claims he has three sons and two daughters.
Does he have more than one wife?
7. He’s a billionaire!
That’s not in doubt if we consider his property portfolio of over N600 million.
And from the Police report, four of his victims paid $4 million (that’s N1.6 billion), with others paying hundreds of millions of Naira.
And for a man who took to crime for over a decade, he has enormous resources.
8. He has an array of posh cars with Delta state’s number plates.
One of his neighbours described his Lexus jeep as very sleek and eye-popping.
He drives himself mostly, and avoids interacting with neighbours.
9. He paid his gateman N20,000.
Plus, the gateman who was arrested with his boss, reportedly earns N20,000 monthly. That’s what he told his friends in the neighbourhood.
Chukwudumeje’s chef also earns N20,000.
Pius’ friends claimed the kingpin never attended church, but allowed his gateman to worship on Sundays.
10. He was planning to flee.
After he escaped arrest about a month ago, and some of his members were arrested, he knew the game was up. So, he was planning to flee as he did on several occasions when the heat was too much.
His bags were packed, and he was ready to leave the Fred Shoboyede house when he realised the Police had cornered him.
But where was he going? Ghana, South Africa or Canada?
11. He had sophisticated phones and jamming gadgets.
That’s why he eluded arrest for so long. And he operated a carefully plotted strategy of using about a dozen phones, with each phone designated for different people or groups.
12. He had many gangs working almost independently. And each was not aware of other groups or its members.
He controlled the gangs masterfully across the country.
Those who abduct don’t keep hostages. And those who keep hostages don’t ask for ransom.
And none of the members knew how much ransom was paid.
13. He has robbed before.
He admitted he was in several armed robbery gangs, and later formed his own.
He even has gunshot wounds to show for his greedy crimes.


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