Halleluyah Challenge: Media Mogul, Joy Isi Bewaji shares her opinion on Nathaniel Bassey’s 30-day Midnight movememnt

Media mogul, Joy Isi Bewaji, has written a piece on Nathaniel Bassey’s trending #hallelujahchallenge a.k.a Olowogbogboro.
According to Joy, It won’t change anything, you can’t pray Nigeria to greatness, as she further disclosed that Religion succeeds in Nigeria and is the bedrock of our confidence and convictions.
Here’s her rant;

#HallelujahChallenge will succeed bigly in Nigeria. That’s a given. Not a miracle.
Religion is the bedrock of our confidences and convictions.
Reinhard Bonnke succeeded in the 90s with his exaggerated revivals in Nigeria.
Adeboye succeeds every first Friday of the month, leaving travelers along Ibadan-expressway pulling out their hair (the irony of that situation: a god worshiping mission that makes people swear and curse in god’s name for hours of traffic they have to suffer just so a few can practice a religion).
Christ Embassy succeeded on Television. No ministry is yet to beat the hours dedicated to Oyakhilome’s theatrics.
Religion succeeds in Nigeria.
If I start a church today, it will succeed. Calling or no calling.
Because we are not people given to anything apart from an obsession with things we cannot see or have any control over, whilst all that we see rot away and are destroyed by our innate corruption.
This cute online revival will change nothing; even if we gather half the numbers in Nigeria to spread their faith on third mainland bridge and cry out to God (apart from that good feeling that plasters your heart after belting out and sweating on a few hallelujah songs).
This is the era of knowledge. We are not Israelites under Moses. Salvation has come. Jesus has come and died. What else do you want?
We have had too many spiritual revolutions. What we need is a mental one.
You cannot pray Nigeria to greatness. It is impossible for God to move in a country where we allow our police to discard rape cases with the wave of a hand, and our politicians rob us blindly. It is not up to God to save the rot in our educational institutions or fix the drainage on our roads. It’s up to us. And we can’t do any of that on our knees. We get shit done in 2017 by cerebral drudgery.
Religion is like soda. It’s Coca-cola. That drink isn’t going to save anything. It’s feel-good… and like Coke, we are addicted to this feel good process. Every Sunday we go to church to get our feel-good tablet. Then we have to come out of that fix after a few hours and face the issues that have been haunting us for decades, still unsolved. Still in need of a different approach.
Religion makes us vulnerable, self-centred and clearly delusional. It attacks our rational and coherent capacity.
Things are moving well in your life and a miracle occurred in your life and you finally got an answer to something that had been bugging you in your life because you prayed. But your prayer doesn’t have the depth or promise to change the problem called Nigeria. Your little success is beautiful. But what does it matter when every part of the country you call home is a wreck.
If you have beautiful lips but your body is ravaged by cancer, what then does it count for – those beautiful lips?
#HallelujahChallenge will succeed bigly. That’s a given. Not a miracle.
Why then are y’all so surprised that you can gather 50,000 people online? Revivals are our biggest achievements. The most educated will bow to a man of God who couldn’t pass his WASSCE exams. It is why we are what we are.
Stop being so shocked that people want to serve God. It is what we do. It is the only thing we do well. When we are done, we go back home and justify a paedophile, or delay the transaction of a debt, or bear false witness. Or choose any of the 100,000 ways to live sinfully. Then the process continues the next Sunday. Like a dark cycle, like playing russian roulette, until your own dark faith and spinelessness kill you.
God, however, wants you to get your knees up and go challenge your Local government for a start. He wants you to write a petition and follow through in regard to Queens’ College. Or choose any 100,000 ways to fix your country.
Try #ScienceChallenge, a hashtag that hopes to promote facts through experiment and observation, and see how far that will go. It definitely will not get 50,000 people questioning why we, a people of over 170million, cannot produce our own malaria drugs.
Do you know if they close the borders of Nigeria we will all die? Over 90% of our daily needs are imported. Even toothpick.
But prayer is the key. Smh.”


  1. If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?

    As much as you make a whole lot of sense, do not underestimate the power of PRAYER, but then, should be the prayer of the righteous.*sigh*

  2. She said nothing but the truth

  3. This woman is shallow of understanding. No we are not trying to change Nigeria, we are asking God to touch our lives individually so that Nigeria will change collectively. You have earned your 2 minutes of fame but God will show you that he can change things and when it will happen, you Joy isi-bewaji will not be there to be part of it. Because whom you ridiculed is not man but God who is able to turn any situation around. What can we do if not pray? Leaders who are desperate and would do anything to remain in power is it not prayer that will remove them? epileptic light, kidnapping, armed robbery, and every social vices is it not prayer that will save your own family if you are willing to pray for them but because you are fantastically ignorant and opinionated because someone's prayers put you in public glare you suddenly have an opinion. Nigeria will people; our people will change and you will not be here to witness it.

    1. Very Shallow understanding. At least testimonies are being recorded. its not as if its her data or her sleeping time.

  4. beautiful piece. harsh reality.

  5. So true! Sadly so.

  6. That is her cup of tea, at least Nathaniel is making an attempt at something that is yielding testimonies. Which one has Joy isi done ? Only complain and dissing. she should use that energy to start her own challenge na


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