Guys, can you rock this Jermaine Richards' outfit? (photos)

Jermaine Richards is a style influencer, just like Swanky Jerry! Guys can you rock this his outfit? Another photo after the cut!...

Debola, i think this will be good for you! LOL! *Runs away*


omolara ajike said...

No No No!
@ Kfb you guys didn't give us Tuesday Transformation stuff.

Sweetheart said...

This is madness! Hahahahahahahah @Debola, where are you ooooooooooooooo

Debola said...

Kfb wee nt kii me with lafta..
No! thank you, it won't be good for me.

Debola said...

It'll rili look good on Gwen, Omolara n Sweetheart.Just sayin o...lol

Highness Gwen said...

God!he looks mad.lol

Highness Gwen said...

Its a nono for me.

KFB said...

Na you get am! We dash you! LOL

Debola said...

It's gonna be so perfect on you sweetheart. So, go get one ASAP. *side eye *
But as for me...hell no! Lol.

Debola said...

KFB!!! You ain't nice o lol.
I dodge it, I no want.
I think we should give it to Francisca Samuel.

omolara ajike said...

Hehehehehehehehe. Debola you aint nice @ all oh. Lolz.

Debola said...

I mean Omolara, imagine how classy/posh you'll look, if you rock this for your pre-wedding photo shoot...*Winks* LOL

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