Frustrated Nigerian Graduate Contemplates Suicide After Failed Job Hunts

A Nigerian male simply identified as Joshua who graduated from the department of Chemical Engineering with a Second Class Upper Degree has narrated his difficulty in securing an executive job despite his tough search.
Nigeria has been reeling in high rate of youth unemployment as well as poverty with the population of the country skyrocketing.
Read his story below as shared on a popular local online forum:
My name is Joshua a Chemical Engineering graduate. It is so difficult to survive as a hardworking, honest and God fearing person here in Nigeria. After my NYSC I have been struggling from place to place, looking for opurtunities. I always shuttle from Lagos to Port Harcourt...thinking that one day it will be well. I just discovered that it will never be well..
When we were in secondary school we were told to get a good course, my parents were happy when I got Chemical Engineering as a course of study, then in school it was get a good result..that was no problem, I got a second class upper.
After service it was get certified..ahh, no wahala.. I got my NEBOSH certificate..then again some said it was connection..ok, I joined lots of professional whatsapp groups after much work. I even had to pay for some, funny enough the so-called professional group failed woefully.
Twice I was called for a job briefing..twice I was rejected. The first reason was because I am igbo, the woman saw my name and her countenance changed though she dashed me N2,000 and told me the usual words I would get back to you..ok, fair enough. The second was in Port Harcourt,  I was rejected because of my church - Roman catholic. A young man who was also rejected for same reason he kept on complaining while I was just laughing although, later I begged him for N100 for my transport fare which he gave me.
Ok, I had to go back to the drawing board. I met some people and they said I should just do further courses to boost my chances of getting employed executively. I begged my mum to sell her motorbike for N110,000 so I can add N30,000 and do process safety and loss prevention which she accepted. I sold the bike and did the course.. yet, no interview call. I said ok let me visit companies and give them the cv..my brother no show. 
I sat still again..and then reviewed my CV paid N2,000 for push CV to review the CV..still no luck.. downloaded CV review app used it time and time again. same results.. no calls.
The only thing i get everyday is insults from my Father and some relatives of how lazy and weak I am. This is not fair, life itself is not fair..is it not better to die? After working hard in school and after school for about 8-10 years no result for it.
People will always say dont be tired but my brother I don tire... I know many of us have same story, but for me the only thing I can do to make the pain easy is by writing.
Nigeria is not worth it.. did i tell you I briefly went into business? But how can you do well in business without long time experience. It is always difficult. Well, the pressure is much and I see that breaking point is close... only God knows tomorrow.
These days the only thing that comes to my mind is suicide. I have downloaded lots of books to see if I can find a solution, but none yet. Please if you have good advice for me I am willing to hear it. 


  1. This literally broke me. It's the reality we face. I pray he finds help.

  2. I can really feel his pains. Is well

  3. This is quite sad. That's d reality of things in this country. One would struggle thru school to have good grades, upon graduation, the struggle still continues with no job to do. It's just frustrating. I feel your pains bro. I believe all will be fine one day.

  4. All the years he has spent looking for white collar jobs,would have been used in learning skills.white collar jobs ain't for everybody


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