Dear KFBers, Check out these 5 English word pairs that you thought had the same meaning!

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Today on our educative Friday, we bring you five English word pairs you think mean the same thing or you confuse for the other. Enjoy and learn!
CV and Resume

Writing a CV or resume depends on the type of job you are applying for. Although both documents contain your qualification in writing, they are utilized for different purposes and they have different formats. A resume, which is usually one to two pages, gives the summary of your experience, education, and skills is used mostly for non-academic positions. Curriculum Vitae (CV) on the other hand gives a longer description and contains your educational and academic background, professional qualifications as well as teaching experience, publications, awards, research experience, presentations, honors, and some other additional details for mostly academic positions. International employers also require them. It is also used to seek for fellowship and grant.

 Software and Application

Often time people think software and application mean the same, although they have some things in common, they are two different things. A software is a collection of programs that provides instructions for the computer. While a system software such as configuration files, system preferences, is loaded on the computer to start the computer and make it run, the Application software or Application e,g MS word, web browsers etc, is designed to help the user perform various tasks on the computer. 
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Spinster and Bachelorette

Many people often refer to an unmarried woman as a Spinster. However, a spinster according to Merriam Webster’s dictionary is an unmarried woman who is past the usual age for marrying and is considered unlikely to marry. So what is the right word? A Bachelorette. This is a woman who is not married or a young unmarried woman. When next you are trying to refer to a young unmarried woman around you, the right word to use is bachelorette.
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Piano and keyboard

Only very few, perhaps professional pianists or keyboardists, know the difference between a piano and a keyboard. While the piano and the keyboard look similar, and may make similar sounds, they are in fact very different. The keyboard is more versatile and is associated with variety of musical styles, such as modern music, while the piano, which has a more magnificent tune, is generally associated with traditional styles such as classical, jazz or the blues. I bet many would not understand this, a keyboardist however should.

Website and Blog

A saying goes thus; all oranges are fruits but not all fruits are oranges, in like manner all blogs are website but not all websites are blogs. A blog is a type of website or part of a website supposed to be updated with new content from time to time i.e it involves time-to-time posting. A website on the other hand, is anything on the internet presented in HTML/CSS etc, whose home page is more for browsing other pages and not just posts. It is a collection of related pages.
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  1. Okaaaay..Piano/Keyboard, Spinster/Bachelorette..I didn't know those. Spinster has always sounded 'old' to me though.

  2. We learn everyday. Thanks kemi

  3. Thanks 4 educating us,Kemi


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