Check out Laura ikeji's straight address to her rumour mongers!

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Laura Ikeji took to her account recently to notify the public that she won’t be replying gullible faceless people, as she will try as much as possible to keep her page positive. According to Laura, she won’t even be addressing rumours anymore. 
See what she wrote after cut...
“No more addressing rumours πŸ€”πŸ˜Š (that would be hard tho) but hey I’ll try not to pay attention.
No more replying gullible faceless account, meaning no more replying negative comments.
I’m in a good place right now so yea. No more
Let’s keep my page as positive as possible . If that’s actually possible 😊


  1. Cheap attention seeker. You beta face ur baby and stop all the forming. Shior

    1. Lol.
      She is truly an irritant. She can talk too much. Not surprising tbough she was born into serious poverty. Imagine how she flaunts on social media like someome with class. And talking about spending money anyhow irrelevantly

  2. She stil looks like a gorilla. Ugly woman. Shouting on top nothing. Na her sister money make her make a fool of her self on a daily basis on social media.
    Always answering questions she was never asked on social media. No one really gives a fuck about her. Only the hungry illiterate beggars like her pretending to her on her page. She has no self respect and talks too much. Her face is so ugly i quickly scroll to another page when i see her

  3. Pls my good people help me no matter how little, life is becoming unbearable despite my biggest effort. I'm a single mum, only God knows how genuine my plea for money is. Pls help me, don't ignore me. God bless you all abundantly, amen! Esther Orhoro. GTB 0013079434


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