AY's wife Mabel Makun, calls out pregnant Freda Francis, warns her to stay away from her family

Infidelity has reportedly crashed a lot of celebrity marriages, and it appears to have found its way into Comedian AY and his interior deco wife's home!

Mabel called out heavily pregnant socialite Freda Francis in the early hour of today, insinuating she is sleeping with her husband, AY!
In an Instagram post which have since been deleted, Mabel who appeared to have saved some screenshots of an incriminating chat between her husband and Freda in the past, called Freda out and warned her to stay way from her family. Freda had her baby shower in Ikoyi, Lagos on Sunday evening and AY was one of the guests present there. After a photo he took with Freda and a friend surfaced online.
Mabel's post below....

Nigerians have however taken sides, as some are accusing Mabel of snooping, saying it ain't right for her to  check her husband's chat. While others are calling Freda a whore!....


  1. Who says she has no right to go through her hubby's phone?

  2. Na trust be her problem, no wonder she attacked Tboss
    So u no trust ur hubby?

    1. The husband na DOG!

  3. people and the way they judge! if u must blame anyone, blame the two of them I mean ay and Freda. Ay is not a baby that someone would just snatch from someone. if Freda is a whore what would u call AY? and the wife too is stupid for bringing the issue to social media, I trust they would help her and end her marriage very fast. long hiss

  4. This one na real wa o. Smh
    But what is wrong with men and women of nowadays...infidelities upandan

  5. I am compelled to comment. Why would Ay have such erotic chat with a lady he isn't married to? if you like to talk dirty, talk it to your wife. Women love talking dirty i swear but the man has to initiate it. If he had done this with his wife no one would hold him. but please, I'm not sure this is evidence enough that he is responsible for the pregnancy. don't bite me. And wife what is your aim in life after you have shared this very sensitive matter online?. It is your shame too. God help all of you. I kuku have my problems too. Lemme coman be going


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